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Want to learn and know some of the best PC Tips & Tricks? Or are you finding a solution to your PC or Phone’s problem? Look nowhere else. TECH PC TRICKS is the right place.


TECH PC TRICKS is a technology blog aiming to ease your technology life. Not all, but some of the most interesting tips, tricks and tutorials are posted over here. So, it’s not just another tech blog but it’s a unique one. Also, there are solutions to some common problems (whose solutions aren’t found on the web easily) to get you out of it as soon as you can.

The main moto of creating this site?

The Internet is full of info about tech, products, news, gadgets, etc. But, there’s still a big loophole when you consider to know and learn the best unique tricks you can try out yourself. This blog is created to cater that need.

Who’s the person behind TECH PC TRICKS?

Hey, I’m Paras Shah, a tech-aspirant teen from Mumbai, India, who wishes to provide the best info and help you get out of all the chores of dull & incomplete info on the net.

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