How to Add Custom Search Engine in uTorrent

How to Add Custom Search Engine in uTorrent
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Being one of the most popular torrent engine, uTorrent has some extra components hidden inside the tiny software.

The most basic free version comes with ad-supported to continue development of the software, although ads from uTorrent can be removed by doing a little deeper into it’s settings parameters.

One of the hidden and unused feature of uTorrent is the ability to search for torrents directly from the software.

uTorrent’s search engine helps you to directly search for torrents on different torrent sites and start downloading instantly with the magnet link. No need to specifically move on to torrent sites, search and download the torrent file and then open in uTorrent while you can do all this directly from within the software.

By default, uTorrent includes 2 of it’s sponsored search engines from where you can search torrents. But this ability to include search engines can be further tweaked to get yourself a torrent search engine right in the software.

Let’s move onto adding a custom search engine in uTorrent.

How to Add Custom Search Engine in uTorrent

To add custom search engine in uTorrent, all we need to do is head on over to it’s search engine settings panel and add the list of the torrent search engines that we want to search from.

To make this easier, I’ve already included a list of the best torrent search engines. The only left for you is to follow the below steps and copy-paste those search engines directly.

Steps to Add Custom Search Engines in uTorrent:

1. Open uTorrent. On the Menu Bar, click on Options -> Preferences. You can alternatively press “Ctrl+P” Keys to directly open the Preferences dialog box.

2. Expand Advanced and click on UI Extras.

3. In the UI Extras Settings, at the bottom, you’ll find Search Engines followed by a text box where 2 of it’s sponsored search engines are already listed by default. Delete them all and make that textbox completely blank.

4. Copy and Paste the below list of search engines in that textbox:

Torrent Finder|http://torrent-finder.com/show.php?q= 

5. Click on Apply, OK.

I prefer keeping Kickass torrent search engine as my go-to torrent search as it’s one of the best torrent sites out there with contents in each and every category.

Final Words

Customized uTorrent Search Engines can greatly speed up searching, finding and downloading process saving us a lot of time and other hassles. So, it’s great to have such customized list of torrent search engine keeping the one that you prefer at the top (which makes it the default search engine).

What are your experiences with custom uTorrent Search Engine?