Have any tech product or service that you want to give a boost? Want to make your tool popular and create raving fans?

TECH PC TRICKS is a technology blog which receives 80,000+ page views monthly having 40,000+ highly targeted unique visitors.

techpctricks July 2016 traffic screenshot

Most of the traffic comes from India (75% +) followed by US (20% +) and other parts of the world.

If you want to target Indian users for your new web service/tool/product, this is the right place as your site can get enough exposure over here.

We allow only 1 Banner Ad on this site – in the sticky scrolling sidebar which ensures that all the visitors see your Ad right from the time they enter the page till they leave the page, as the ad will continue following them even after they scroll down (Above the current “Most Popular Posts in the sidebar).

Your ad will only be shown to desktop users, with device width above 768px keeping in mind the UX of mobile device’s users.

Regarding price – This can vary depending on your service/product/relativity or other factors. You can pitch your price that you think would be fit for advertising your product.

If you’re interested in showing your service/product’s ad on this site, send us your message through the contact page.

You’re requested to keep the mail format as:

Subject: Advertisement Request from (

Message Body:

  1. Your contact email address.
  2. Short detail about your service/product (including a link to the products site).
  3. Why do you think that your ad will be the best fit for this site’s readers (this will only benefit you resulting in more visitors coming to your site if it’s the perfect fit for our readers)?
  4. Period for which you wish to display your ad on our site (Eg: 1 month, 2 months, etc.)
  5. The price that you wish to pay for the banner/month (this wouldn’t be the final, but will be thought upon).
  6. The banner which you wish to place on the site (300×300 or similar sized, as an attachment).

Please allow atleast 2-3 business days for a reply from me.

Every Advertisement Request goes through thorough quality check process by me and will be accepted only if it is relevant to our site users.