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March 14, 2016

One of the most important features of the android operating system is the play store. This store enables all android users to access thousands of applications and games, simply through downloading the applications from the store.

However, the android operating system also allows users to install applications that are not originally from the Google play store. This enhances the diversity of stores that host these games and applications.

In this article, I am going to discuss to you about an app store that easily stands out as the best alternative android app store for Google Play store. This excellent app store I am talking about is called Aptoide.

Aptoide is functionally similar to play store, in that it allows its users to search and install desired applications. It also contains a very large number of applications.

Aptoide Has Some Features That Make It Stand Out From Others;Aptoide-Google-Play-Alternatives

  1. Acquire Paid Applications Without Charges

Aptoide store doesn’t charge you any money for any applications. All applications are offered for free. Almost all the applications found in Google play store can be found in Aptoide. And just like Google play store, you can just search for the application you want, and then download.

  1. Get Whatever Apk File You Need

Unlike Google playstore, with aptoide, you get the apk file of the application you want right into your device’s downloads file, instead of the application just installing and you have to search for the apk file using a third party software.

  1. Virus Free

The aptoide store has an inbuilt system that scans all the applications offered in the store for any types of malware that may cause harm to the user’s device. This makes applications from aptoide safe and trustworthy.

  1. Get Cracked Games As Well As Hack Tools

Some applications, e.g. poweramp, only offer trial modes. In aptoide, you can find the cracked full versions of games and applications, for free as well. There are also a variety of tools that can be used in hacking.

However, the user may need to ensure his/her own privacy and security before using cracked applications. One way to do this is to enable mock locations in the device that you are using.

  1. User Friendly Interface

The aptoide store features one the simplest interfaces that a user can have. This is in order to ensure that even android users that have not used the store before, or that are not so versed with android do not get any difficulty when looking for applications.

  1. Beforehand Updates

Some application manufacturers usually release updates according to locations. Some users can be able to access the updates before others, and it may take upto 2 weeks before some can be able to access them.

However, aptoide comes to help here and provides the update once it’s released, which then can be downloaded from any location, worldwide.

  1. Ability to Resume Downloads

In playstore, when a download interrupted, say by data connection, the user has to download the application again, from the beginning. These can cost a significant amount of both time and data cost, when it comes to larger applications.

However, with aptoide, once a download is interrupted, the user can still resume the download later on, saving time and data cost.

  1. Phase Download

With aptoide, download can be done in phases. You may need a large application, but not have enough data at that time to finish the download. Because of the ability to resume downloads, aptoide can enable you to download part of the application and store the files for you. After acquiring more data, you can continue your download to completion as required.

  1. Create Your Own Store Feature

Aptoide store has a special feature that enables you to be able to create your own store. This store enables developers to upload their own applications and distribute them through their own app market.


Aptoide has an extraordinary and incorporated store, however every client sorts out their own store. Aptoide doesn’t require enrollment and its 760,000 applications and updates install in a flash. Besides, it has a comfortable rollback feature that permits you to go back to old renditions of your favorite applications.

Indeed, even in the wake of searching, on the off chance that you don’t find the application in Aptoide store, you will be given an option to look up on the web. Choose that option and open it through a browser. Select the application you want and you will be directed back to Aptoide application store to enable you download the file.

To those who regularly use Aptoide, you can share your good experiences with friends. If you have not used Aptoide before, feel free to try. There are enough applications that will please you and keep you coming back.

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