Best Antivirus Apps For Your iPhone and iPad

March 16, 2016
Antivirus apps for iphone and ipad

So, you have an iPhone or maybe an iPad too and you use them to organise your everyday tasks with ease. This means you probably handle personal information and other sensitive data of yourself. Should you consider protecting all that valuable data stored on your iOS devices? Well today we will provide you with a list of some of the best Antivirus apps for iPhone or iPad out there.

The Search For The Perfect Antivirus App

Of course the search for an iOS application is a super easy thing to do. You just visit the iTunes app store and start looking for the app you need. Therefore it will not be difficult to find the perfect Antivirus app. The hard part is to decide which one to download. And trust us when we say there are many Antivirus applications. You may end up wondering which one is the best for you. If you want to skip the frustrating part of searching for the perfect app we made a list for you with the best Antivirus apps for iPhone and iPad.

Why Should I Protect My Smartphone?

First of all you want to protect your data from hackers and malware. Everyone who uses a smartphone, Android or iPhone, usually stores banking details, billing information or any other kind of valuable personal data. If your phone or tablet gets attacked, this data will be the target and might get stolen. The safest way to keep this information protected is to install one of the Antivirus apps listed below.

1. Lookout Mobile Security (Free)lookout-Antivirus

Lookout Mobile Security app has many special features. For example you can keep a backup of your data and locate your lost phone. It also has a classy design, is super easy to use and is absolutely free!


  • It can locate your lost smartphone and tablet before the battery runs out.
  • Performs a backup of your contacts
  • Alerts you when have an out-dated iOS version.

Download from Here.

2. McAfee Security (Free)McAfee_App

McAfee is a powerful name in the field of protecting your files and personal information. But you may not know that their security services expand from computers and laptops to smartphones and tablets. You will find it pretty easy to use, the user interface looks quite nice and you get a super fast update feature.


  • Fast scanning for various threats and malware
  • It protects your photos and videos in a pin activated safe spot.
  • With the Secure Snap feature you can store your photos and videos without leaving copies for misuse.
  • You can backup all your contacts and manage them remotely
  • It can locate your misplaced device and activate a silent alarm when the device is stolen.

Download from Here

3. VirusBarrier (Paid)virusbarrier-iphone-app

With VirusBarrier you can protect everything you have installed on your iPhone or iPad. It scans applications and games that you have installed either from the iTunes app store or from a third party store like Cydia. You can also scan and store email attachments or files on your device and scan for malware on files from a remote location like Dropbox or Google Drive.


  • You can view files after scanning.
  • It will scan and protect you from Trojan horses, spyware, keyloggers, adware or other hacker tools.
  • Repairs infected files.

Download from Here

4. Norton Mobile Security (Free)Norton-Antivirus-ipad-App

Norton is an extremely well known company in the field of protecting your PC or laptop from various threats and malware and it has saved many data for several years. We are sure that you have used one their products at least once. Now, it’s time to install it into your iOS device. It has a good-looking interface, it is not so difficult to use and you have a good household name protecting your data from threats.


  • Locate your phone by using a map.
  • Backup all your contacts and restore them on your device. You can also share them with your other mobile devices.
  • With the ‘Scream’ feature you will trigger an alarm when your device is stolen or lost.

Download from Here.

5. Trend Micro Mobile Security (Free)trend-micro-Ios-App

Another free Antivirus application that keeps your smartphone virus free and protected from anything bad out there. The coolest feature is that you can manage the level of desired protection for your phone or tablet. Trend Micro Mobile Security can also identify fake websites and bad applications that are after your data.


  • Protects your phone from identity thefts and dangerous websites.
  • You can manage your data usage and costs every month.
  • It will backup all your contacts and share them in multiple devices.
  • It will locate your misplaced smartphone.
  • Adjust the level of protection to your liking.
  • Also, it protects your Facebook privacy.

Download from Here.

6. Avira Mobile Security (Free)avira_antivir-Antivirus-App

Last but not least we have the Avira Mobile Security app. This application starts to offer the highest level of protection only after creating a user profile. I didn’t like that a signup is required and also the fact that it asks users to backup their data on their service’s own cloud storage. Some may not find this a very compelling feature. But it is still an excellent working application for your device.


  • It checks and monitors your identity.
  • Scans for malicious content on demand.
  • You can use the calling feature to call your lost device for free.
  • ‘Yell’ feature makes a sound on up to 5 different iOS devices.

Download from Here.

Well, this is our list with one of the most reliable and best working Antivirus applications for your iPhone or iPad. It is not mandatory to use one of the above, or even any Antivirus application. But, is good to remember that if you store personal information, banking or billing details inside your iOS device, it is recommended that you use an Antivirus app. If you use one of the above we would love to hear your feedback. If you are using a different Antivirus app that you believe is worth mentioning, be a champ and drop us a line in the comments!

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