The Best Antivirus Apps for Mac OS X

January 4, 2016

Many people think that a Mac can’t get viruses, but they can and do. It is best to be protected against viruses, malware and all of the other threats to your computer. There are OS X specific malware threats out there as well as windows based and Android based. All of these can end up becoming a big problem for your Mac or other devices that you use with your Mac. Or to other people who you may share information with through your Mac or if you send a lot of email.

Below is a list of the best Antivirus apps for your Mac.

Symtec Norton Antivirus for Mac

Norton’s is one of the biggest names in Antivirus software. They have a reputation that backs it up and a money back guarantee if their software does not work. You can’t do better than having a company that is willing to give your money back to you, if their product doesn’t work. They have the knowledge and expertise to keep your Mac virus free.

It has been proven that Norton can detect 100% of tested Malware samples. They keep track of threats from around the world to keep their virus database up to date. That is a really good thing for business that get emails or deal with other business from around the world. It makes detection of new virus much more quickly than other applications might. One of most incredible things about using Norton’s is that it will not slow down your computer while you are using it. That makes it an obvious choice for a lot of people.

BitDefender Antivirus for Mac

BitDefender also has a 100% detection rate. They have constant updates of their malware definitions from the cloud. That makes it almost impossible for anything to slip through. Because BitDefender does all of its processing in the cloud, it will not slow down your system at all. And it is designed to work specifically with OS X so it will not put a lot of strain on the system. That means there will be very little problems with how it works in the background with your Mac. It is designed to work as part of it.

They Include malware definitions for Mac-specific and Windows-based malware. It combines this feature with adware blocking, online phishing detection and non-stop protection with AutoPilot, making it one of the best choices for Mac users.

Comodo AntiVirus for Mac

Comodo has automatic updates and drag and drop file scanning. It also offers scheduling so anyone can use this application effectively with little to no experience. You have to option to adjust the security level to suit your needs. This is a great feature for many people because sometimes you need a lot of security and sometimes you don’t, but most applications do not give you a choice.

This company provides online safeguards for businesses as well as individuals. It is a free application but has a great reputation for antivirus software protection, making it a great choice. It also has very little system usage so it will not slow down your Mac while it is running. That means you can go about with your day to day while Comodo is running in the background.

Avast Free Mac Security

Avast also has a 100% protection rate and is one of the most popular antivirus packages out there. The fact that it is also fee is just another perk. It keeps up to date with an “automatic stream of micro updates” to keep your computer protected at all times. That means that you are always getting updates in the background to keep up with the latest threats.

Avast uses a multi-platform sensor network in combination with machine learning and big data analytics to make sure your virus definitions include all of the latest threats. Avast is a top contender because of its level of protection for free software and its low system usage.

Avira Free Antivirus for Mac

Avira protects against both OS X-based malware and threats that target PCs, this gives you a great coverage. Avira has a 100% protection rate for tested malware. So it works just as well as applications that have a much higher price tag.

Avira has and easy scheduling option so you can choose when to scan your Mac, day or night. You can run it as often or as little as you choose. Once a day or as little as once a week. That is a great feature for people who may forget or just have a lot going on. If you schedule it ahead of time, then you don’t have to worry about it and your system will be protected.

Avira also has a browser extension to help you stay safe while you are online by warning you about suspicious websites.

While Avira does take up a lot of computer resources and will make your computer run slower, you can definitely make up for it by running the scans during a time when you will not be using your computer. This is where being able to schedule scanning becomes a great asset for this application.

AVG Antivirus for Mac

AVG protects against Mac, PC and Android-based malware. You may think that it isn’t important to detect Android-based malware, but it is. You can spread Android-based malware without even realizing it, either to your own phone or to someone else’s Android device.

AVG comes with many easy to use features such as automatic file scanning, drag and drop file scanning and automatic updates. All of these features make it easier to make sure that your Mac is malware free. It has a 100% detection rate for malware and has been praised for its easy to use and straightforward user interface.

Although AVG does use quite a bit of system resources, its protection and easy user interface make it hard to beat.

Because there are so many choices out there for Antivirus protection, it’s good to have a way to narrow it down. And now that you know that your Mac does need protection, you can be comfortable with selecting an Antivirus application that will work for you and your needs.

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