5 Must Have Android Apps for Engineering Students

5 Must Have Android Apps for Engineering Students
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Today’s education system’s sad truth is:

Life of an engineering student is an endless series of semesters, exams and studies.

Of course there are fun parties and campus life too, but if you are wondering how to balance your busy social calendar with exam pressure, then the answer is – smart studies.

Don’t study hard study smart – is the slogan of the new generation!


Your smart phone can play a major role here. As you have it all the time with you, get some smart study apps and the battle is half won.

Wondering which one’s are the best?

#1 – Engineers Point

This app is a one stop destination for all that you need to know about various entrance exams for engineering.

Be it JEE or GATE or PSU exams, this app gives you all the educational and other help that you require. The study section offers comprehensive notes on Current Affairs, Formulas, Diagrams and all major subjects of engineering.

You can also avail mock tests and get previous years question papers here. The video lecture section is pretty awesome as it lets you set up a classroom on the go.

Also, you get notification for all major examinations such as B. Tech., M. Tech., IES Exams etc.

The interface is quite easy to handle and clutter free. This app is certainly made for engineering students.

Download Engineers Point App

#2 – Formulas Lite

The long complicated formulas of physics and chemistry are responsible for many sleepless nights of engineering students.

If you’re in a similar condition, Formulas Lite is your saviour!

Practice your formulas or go through them while travelling or waiting in a coffee shop.

This app has all major formulas of physics, chemistry and maths collected in it. Also the app offers a digital calculator that can come pretty handy.

Apart from these two major functions, the app also offers interesting tit-bits of the scientific world to keep you interested and entertained.

Download Formulas Lite App

#3 – Pocket Aptitude

This is one app which is very popular among all the students of engineering colleges in Gurgoan and other cities in India.

More often than not, engineering students sit for competitive exams such as GATE, CAT etc.

In all these examination logical reasoning and aptitude are considered to be major subjects. Here, Pocket Aptitude can come in handy.

The app has more than 18000 questions on quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning. You can solve these questions to hone your reasoning skills and better your chances at cracking these competitive examinations.

The app has four modes such as Study, Challenge, Training and Quiz.

Download Pocket Aptitude App

#4 – Gate (ME & PI)

This is a great app for all GATE aspirants.

However, if you are a Mechanical Engineering or Production Engineering Student then it’ll come as handy to you.

The app consists of excellent study materials for your entire curriculum. There are subject wise separate set of question papers that you can solve to access your advancement.

The app gives you all important information and notifications regarding GATE. You can practice mock test and solve previous years’ question papers too with this app.

The interface is very simple and the app works just as well off line too.

Download Gate (ME & PI) App

#5 – Math Formulas Free:

This fabulous app has all formulas that an engineering student requires.

No need of running through a fat text book in search of a math formula; simply type you requirement on the app and you’ll get the formula you need on your finger tips!

You can also create folders and up useful formulas there for easy retrieval. Available in multiple Indian and foreign languages, any student around the world can use this app quite easily.

The subjects covered here are Geometry, Algebra, Equations, Matrix, Probability and Statistic, Unit conversion etc. Using this app you can share any formula with your friends through email, text message and facebook.

Download Math Formular Free App


So, these are the 5 must have Android Apps for Engineering students. These are great for time management too, as they allow you to study on the go. Quickly get your favourite ones installed on your phone and enjoy studies!

Do you know any other marvelous Android apps for engineering students?