How to Disable Ads in uTorrent: A Quick Tweak
Whenever we talk of downloading huge sized files from the Internet, we talk about torrent. It has now become so famous that big pirate sites are having their own businesses in this field just by setting up their own servers and making huge money out of it. Well, the thing that made this torrent technology… (0 comment)

How to Root Bluestacks App Player: The Complete Guide
Bluestacks is one the most popular Android Emulator when it comes to installing Android on PC (as you already know). But, there’s a downside: It has lots of restrictions imposed on getting your favourite apps running smooth quickly. And one of them is, you are unable to use or run apps for which your phone… (0 comment)

How to Disable Login Password in Windows 10
Although Windows 10’s sleek performance and changes are very impressive, one of the annoying features in Win 10 is the compulsion of logging in with a password everytime you start your PC. This shouldn’t be the case, when you’ve a common PC used by multiple persons and also, the need to log in everytime is… (0 comment)

Cartoonize Yourself: 9 Free Tools to Convert Your Pictures to Cartoon
Cartoonized photos are fun. Who wouldn’t like a funny form of himself? And the way it’s catching up fire all around the globe, it’s no doubt that people love such things. Cartoonized pictures have gained a lot of popularity. Harnessing the power of technology, several services started with which you cartoon yourself. There are some desktop softwares as… (0 comment)

Pastebin Alternatives: 28 Free Text Saving Web Services
If you’re a coding nerd, then you might already know what it takes to share your code snippets with the world. Just a single online text repository service – Pastebin, right? Yes, definitely. With millions of people who’ve shared billions of texts and code snippets, Pastebin has just become their fancy tool to share their work… (0 comment)

4 Instant Ways to Install Android on PC
Bringing the power of a smartphone to your PC brings with it lots of fun and possibilities. And this is because Android OS is free. Developers had already felt the need of simulators to project their apps on PC for easier development and testing. After the launch of Android SDK, Android on PC became a reality which has now… (0 comment)

How to Completely Remove Quick Heal Antivirus from your PC
How would you uninstall Quick Heal Antivirus from your PC? By navigating to Control Panel, locating Quick Heal -> right-click -> Uninstall, right? Well, you can surely uninstall Quick Heal antivirus with this, but it won’t completely remove every instance of the software. The reason behind this is, every antivirus leaves special registry entries to track licenses,… (0 comment)