2 Easy Tricks to Send Blank Message on Facebook
Most of the times, Facebook is your ultimate weapon to kill your boredom, right? Chat, Upload, Like, Post…there’s a lot to do. But sometimes, it still feels boring. So, here’s a cool trick to be played on Facebook to kill your boredom – Sending Blank Messages. Why would someone send blank messages? A blank message? What does it really… (0 comment)

3 Amazing Ways to Send Blank Message on Whatsapp
You’ll have to admit it: You can never send blank message on whatsapp. The brutal truth is: No matter how much you try, you CANNOT fool whatsapp! Even a blank space won’t work. But, here’s a new trick to send blank message on whatsapp in chats and statuses to surprise your friends. What forms the base… (0 comment)

How to Remove Shortcut Virus: 9 Powerful & Easy Tweaks!
One of the most common questions asked is: How to Remove Shortcut Virus? Every one of us has experienced the Shortcut Virus atleast once in our lifetime. Actually, it has become so common that people often overlook and underestimate it. In the beginning, it looks like nothing problematic has happened to be worried about. Afterall, it’s… (0 comment)