7 Best Alternatives To Apple iTunes

January 1, 2016
7 best alternatives for Apple iTunes

iTunes is one of the key production of Apple Inc. along with their celebrated devices like iPhone, iPods, iPads and a Mac system. The reason for its wide acceptance is the heavy reliance of these Apple devices on this application for such jobs as software updates, file management, multimedia, syncing, and most other major operations. You might be thinking that iTunes is an application that lets you download and play all of the multimedia on your Apple device so what business it has to do with other key operations of your Apple’ devices? Well, first of all, make yourself aware that iTunes is not only a multimedia player/manager for your Apple device, but it is also important for syncing your files online or with an Android device, iOS file management, and lots of other functionalities. But if for some reason you find yourself, not much comfortable using this default Apple application, then you will certainly find these 7 best alternatives for Apple iTunes quite handy. So, let us explore them and find out if there are worthy substitutes for us.

7 best alternatives for Apple iTunes

7 Best Alternatives For Apple iTunes


Media Monkey is one of those multimedia managers that can be termed as a complete suite for all your entertainment needs. It can manage, play, and organize your videos, music files, and additionally has the power to grab the information about certain media files from the net to portray at your end. The inner functionalities can aid you in locating duplicate files in your library, the auto building of playlists on your preferences, and can even record music from audio/video. Plus, it supports a variety of file formats as well so be sure whatever file you want to play you can easily play it in Media Monkey. The software has two versions: Gold and free ones. The Gold edition will bring some other value-added functionalities as well. Try Media Monkey and see if it fits your needs.


Vox is another powerful multimedia package for your iOS and Mac. Vox provides a clean and beautiful interface for you and it can easily integrate with SoundCloud as well. You scroll in Vox like you scroll on the last.fm site. The most regarded capability of this multimedia player is that, if your track of high quality like 256 kbps or 364 kbps, it is able to play it at the best high-fidelity range. However, you can either pay $4.99 a month or use the free version, but you won’t be getting the “loop” feature in a free version of Vox. The “loop” technology in Vox lets you store your entire music in its online cloud storage and you can play your media anywhere if the internet is available. So try this great service once for sure.


It is the best free substitute you can get from the 7 best alternatives for Apple iTunes. A very lightweight media player for your entertainment needs and with a very enticing interface as well that is user-friendly too. This media player has the best compatibility with iTunes and at the time of the first run, it will automatically import files from your iTunes library. The control panel is always on top like a widget so that you can instantly play, stop, or skip a song if you don’t like it. Socializing and sharing is very easy in Ecoute since it supports the integration of Facebook, Last.fm, and Twitter accounts right inside the app. Runs both on Mac and iOS, I see no reason for anyone to not use this media player for their multimedia playback.


This iTunes alternative is only an OS-X supportive software (which is on Apple’ Mac) and a very good one indeed. You can not only create your own custom library in the software but also connect your last.fm account and sync songs from there right to your application on Mac. Swinsian is a simple app but it still has two very unique features which you won’t find in most of the multimedia software. These are ID3 tag editing and metadata editing. These options help to auto-detect AirPlay ports if available. The interface will not be harder for you to understand because it resembles iTunes much. So keep things simple yet amazingly smooth for yourself and use Swinsian, but keep in mind that the software is a paid one and does not have a free version.


Fidelia is another media player that is only supportive on a Mac machine but this application is ideal for some fanatic music lovers. The application is a premium one, though, but it worth the price which you will pay for it. On a price tag of $20, you will get features like sound prioritization, high-fidelity, a huge number of formats to play, and a high-quality interface which resembles a digital DVD player or amplifier. The hallmark of Fidelia media player suite is its iZotope support which is key in the optimal sample rate conversions. So, if you are looking for some out-of-this-world sound you should try Fidelia.

Wondershare TunesGo

Among the 7 best alternatives for Apple iTunes, Wondershare TunesGo is indeed one of the most featuresome application for both the Windows and iOS platform. It is filled with all the necessity options and needed tools to fulfill your entertainment needs sufficiently. Wondershare TunesGo is more than just being a great multimedia player, you can manage all your library in it, import music from iOS devices to your Mac and Windows PC, use its brilliant iDevice management console, syncing of iTunes library to your Android and much more you will find exciting in this software. You can use this powerful multimedia suite on both Windows and Mac and it has a both free and paid versions to use.

Double Twist

Here we come to a cross-platform media player and multimedia manager that is easier to use and has a similar outlook as well. Double Twist, as it is known, is a free multimedia suite for Android, Mac OS, and Windows. It is best for syncing your media files across these devices as well. Double Twist is also one of the most reliable software’s when it comes to syncing multimedia. As for its media player, it has enough options to satisfy your demands agreeably. The application has both paid and free versions so decide which ones would you like to use for your multimedia needs.

So that ends the 7 best alternatives for Apple iTunes in this list, until next time we come with a new upgraded ones freshly developed for your use. In the meanwhile, try out the above-mentioned substitute for iTunes and let us know your experience with them. Do you know any other software’s that can be used in place of iTunes? Share with us in the comments.

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