22+ Android PC Suite for Windows/Linux/Mac

October 5, 2016
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The last PC suite you must have used is either the Nokia PC suite or the BlackBerry one, right? This is because, these two were the only popular smartphone vendors, but now, there is no particular manufacturer popular instead, and it is Android which is breaking the charts. So, it will be wise if we change our search term from PC suite to Android PC Suite, right?

Here is a compilation of the best Android PC suite for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. Yes, most of these softwares are available for Windows system but you can also get for other two. If you want the best one working then you need to go for the one provided by specific manufacturer of your device.

If you are having an Android device by HTC, then look for the PC suite on HTC official website. Like in Samsung’s case, Kies is the software which works in this case and I am pretty sure Samsung users are happy with it.

But, not every manufacturer provides a special software to manage their device. This leaves us with no prior choice then but to look for third-party software and here I am with this guide. The default USB connection provides a data transfer window which can only allow you to transfer files between your device and computer, which isn’t enough.

Why You Need A PC SuiteAndorid-PC-Suite

For many people, who are just now looking into these systems, they often wonder why in the world would the need to have one of these PC suites? The main goal of these PC suites is to allow you to have full control of your smartphone or tablet with the use of your PC. For many, this would simplify their lives greatly.

For example, if you have a file on your smartphone that you wish to put onto your computer, without a PC suite, you will find that the only way to do this is through the use of a USB cable to the computer from your phone. If you have PC suite, you can control these file transfers automatically. For those who are in business, they find that these suites can have great benefits in their lives, such as:

  • Making it easier for everyone to collaborate on a project
  • Making it possible for remote working, as long as the smartphone and PC are linked
  • Easier to work on projects when inspiration strikes

In the end, many people find that these suites simplify their lives and they make the greatest use of the technology that is on the market.

Best Android PC Suite for Windows/Linux/Mac

The following are the software you should consider going with. You can find  a few others but I will recommend you to stay away from them. If you want to consider using any of them, even the one I have listed here, then check the reviews thoroughly before connecting it with your device. Yes, it can harm the health of your device or at least the personal data. So, you need to be pretty careful here.

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    Would be a good idea to tell us which platform the various suits are made for. Yes, we can visit the links and check if it is an exe or what ever (as most does not say «This is for Windows» etc. – but why not do us the service when putting this much effort into an article in the first place?

  • Reply rajesh November 28, 2016 at 11:16 am

    Great pc suite thank you for writing an article

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