10+ Best App Lockers for Android

June 22, 2016

The Android operating system is widely loved and used all over the world, preferred for its one of a kind programming and unique features. This combination into a streamlined, sleek, and easy to use device has captured many smartphone owners. However, Android devices tend to lack a little bit more in the area of security. Android devices come with pre-downloaded safety options and provide the opportunity to employ a lock screen on their phone or tablet, but it also lacks many of the more advanced security options.

The simplest way to have better security on your phone is to use a separate password on some of their apps, rather than just an all-encompassing lock screen for the entire phone. Sensitive information should have a separate password, and the more sensitive the information, the more imperative it should be that the information can’t fall into the wrong hands. For instance, there are many individuals who would prefer that their pictures or personal messages not be completely open to the public.

These 1Best App Lockers for Android let you to have a greater peace of mind, protecting your personal information on your phone in a highly personalized manner.

App LockAppLock

App Lock serves more than 100 million Android users, and arrives in 24 languages to make your experience as personalized as possible. The app is fairly self-explanatory, as it offers a simple way for users to lock any app desired, and keep it private and safe.

App Lock can protect SMS messages, Gmail, Photos, Setting and even your Calls app; with any other app you may desire to lock. The app also asks you to set a recovery email address. If you forget your app access passcode, you can easily retrieve or reset it.

Compatibility: Android 4.0.3 and up

Developer: DoMobile Lab

Availability: Google Play

Smart AppLockSmart-AppLock-App-Protector

Smart AppLock is a very advanced app protector, available with a variety of smart features. Your apps can be protected with either a passcode consisting of numbers and letters, or they can unlock their apps with a patter. Additionally, the app has the capability of taking a picture of the person who is trying to unlock your device improperly, and send the picture to a pre-defined email. The Smart AppLock can be modified to show a fake Forced Close popup rather than the app itself, so that the person trying to break into your phone will assume that the app crashed instead of simply being locked.

Compatibility: Android 4.0.3 and up

Developer: SpSoft

Availability: Google Play

Advanced ProtectionAdvanced-Protection-☞-AppLock

The Advanced Protection app comes from the same developer who created App Lock. It’s essentially an upgrade to App Lock; so therefore it needs App Lock to be installed first in order to operate correctly. Advanced Protection was created in order to protect App Lock, and basically just keeps anyone from being able to uninstall AppLock without a password. This further secures your data. However, in order to activate the app, one must access the Settings of AppLock after installing Advanced Protection and manually activate it.

Compatibility: Android 2.2 and up

Developer: DoMobile Lab

Availability: Google Play

Apps Lock & Gallery HiderApps-Lock-Gallery-Hider

Apps Lock Gallery Hider can protect almost any app on your phone, including but not limited to your SMS messages, Gallery, Gmail, Contacts and your Call app. You can also protect apps like Settings, Task Manager, Uninstall, your SD card, Force Stop, and Incoming Calls, which mean you have the ability to completely protect all of your apps.

Compatibility: Android 2.3 and up

Developer: Migital

Availability: Google Play

App Lock (Pattern)App-Lock-Pattern

App Lock (Pattern) is extremely simple, but it protects your emails, contacts, photos, SMS and other alarms just as well. Additionally, this app can turn on an alarm if anyone tries to reach your locked apps.

Compatibility: Android 3.0 and up

Developer: Softwego

Availability: Google Play

LEO Privacy GuardLEO-Privacy-Guard

LEO Privacy is extremely popular for the Android devices, one of the most downloaded privacy protection tools on the market. There are many distinguishing features to this app, and it provides a bit more than just locking individual apps. For instance, LEO Privacy Guard gives you the opportunity to unlock certain apps according to the time or location, so if you don’t want anyone to be able to access your Gmail app at work, you can lock it there, and then unlock it once you get home.

Compatibility: Android 4.0 and up

Developer: LeoMaster

Availability: Google Play

App Locker- Lock Any AppApp-locker-Lock-Any-App

App Locker- Lock Any App provides the same app-locking services, but it’s incredibly clean and easy to use. App Locker- Lock Any App can protect any messaging feature by locking apps such as SMS, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Email, Snapchat, Skype, Contacts, and more. It also provides a choice to lock incoming and outgoing calls, and locking personal phone notes, from the default notes app, to other downloaded notes apps like Evernote or Wunderlist.

Compatibility: Android 4.0 and up

Developer: Innorriors

Availability: Google Play

App Lockapp-lock

App Lock performs the same services that most of the apps on this list do; it can protect your applications using either a PIN or pattern. You can switch between entering a PIN and a pattern, and it’s a very easy setup process. Users also have to set up a security question, further protecting the app from being breached.

Compatibility: Android 4.0 and up

Developer: Useful Apps

Availability: Google Play

Smart AppLock 2 (App Protect)Smart-AppLock-2-App-Protect

Many Android users employ Smart AppLock 2 to protect their apps and photos. Through this application, you can lock apps containing private content, like photos, videos, call logs, SMS and many more apps. It can also lock your phone’s Bluetooth capabilities, your ability to connect to Wi-Fi, and your incoming calls. You can also use Smart AppLock 2 to lock your other applications in your phone, to make sure your kids don’t accidentally uninstall or delete anything on your phone.

Compatibility: Varies with device

Developer: Smart AppLock 2 (App Protect)

Availability: Google Play

Apps Locker MasterApps-Locker-Master

Apps Locker Masters is incredibly simple to use, while making your apps’ protection as hassle-free as possible. It offers many features, and gives the user a lot of the same options as many apps above give. Additionally, you can use a pattern or a PIN to lock it, in landscape and portrait mode. This makes it ideal for devices such as the Android tablet.

Compatibility: Android 2.0 and up

Developer: NVG Entertainment

Availability: Google Play

While having a smartphone is a great convenience, it’s incredibly important to keep your personal information on your phone safe and private from those you want to keep it safe from. Putting a lock on individual apps is the first step to protecting your phone, and these apps are a good start to keeping your phone private.

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