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July 30, 2016
Best Face Swap Apps

The era of selfies is here with us. However, as we enjoy having taking selfies, did you know that you can go an extra mile and give your pictures a slight twist? With all of us snapping every now and then, new apps have come up to take our creativity to the next level in order to experience some more fun. The introduction of face swap apps has taken fun experiences to a whole new level. Face swaps allow you to take photos of yourself and your friends and then swap your selfie shot with someone else. The outcome is usually very funny, terrifying and hilarious. The use of face swap apps has increased drastically purely for entertainment purposes. So, if you are interested in finding the top and most popular face swap apps, we have compiled a list of well known face swap apps you can install on your phone. Remember that the apps discussed run on iOS, Android as well as Windows platforms.

Face Swap LiveFace-Swap-Live

Install: iOS (Free Lite, Paid $0.99), Android (Coming Soon) 

Face Swap is one of the best apps currently available on the market. The exciting part about this app is it lets you swap faces with your friends in real time giving you an opportunity to see immediate results. The software interface is simple and all you’re required to do is focus the camera on both your faces and see how your faces appear real-time when interchanged. Many apps use static images but Face swap is real-time and even allows you to take videos and instantly swaps your faces. For the app to work, you and your friend must both fit in the camera viewfinder for the best results. Aside from face swapping, you can also add nice photo filters to your personal selfies. This app is currently available for iPhone with an Android version expected soon.


Install: Android (Free), iOS (Free)

If you’re looking for an amazing face swap app, Facebook owned MSQRD or Masquerade is an excellent choice. This app performs excellently for face swapping and also has a video selfie feature that merges your face with that of your friends and also records short clips of your edited face. Anyone can use this cool app known for excellent features such as face tracking plus numerous filters. The only disadvantage is this app is not yet available for Android users, only iOS users can get it for free.


Install: Android (Free), iOS (Free)

Snapchat is a popular platform that isn’t restricted to face swapping alone. However, it is known to have played an instrumental role in bringing forward the concept of face swapping. Snapchat currently has over 100 million active users and having a face swapping feature is a great thing. The reason why people love face swapping on Snapchat is because it is simple and quick to relay results to your friends. However, finding the feature within the interface isn’t that obvious since the filters are hidden. This app is available for free both on Android and iOS.

Face StealerFace Stealer app

Install: Android (Free)

As the name suggests, this app involves “stealing” faces of other people and putting them on your own body. Face Stealer belongs to Yahoo’s Japanese division having been introduced in February 2013. Even though the app has great features, it has faced a lot of competition from newer platforms coming into the market. Using this app is a fun experience however there are scale and subject limitations. Face stealer is available on iOS.

Face Jugglerface juggler

Install: Android (Free), iOS (Free)

This app was one of the first platforms to become part of Apple’s App Store. Introduced with the main aim of swapping faces, Face Juggler has been around for a couple of years but has still managed to keep its popularity. Even though it cannot do face swap real-time, it still has the capability to simultaneously process faces of more than two individuals in one photo. In addition, you get the chance to adjust your results to match your preferences. This app is fun to use and is ideal for face swapping in group photos. It is available on iOS platforms free of charge.

Auto Face Swapauto face swapp

Install: Windows (Free)

Face swap apps have become the in-thing for smartphone users. However, if you’re looking for an app that you can use on your PC or laptop, Auto Face Swap is your best bet. This app can be downloaded from Windows Store. The only downside of Auto face swap is it’s very basic and limited in terms of features when compared to smartphone apps. You will be required to spend more time and do more work to get things done; you’ll eventually get the results you’re looking for. You need to drag and drop images from your laptop or PC desktop into the program and drag the images around the faces until there’s an automatic detection. The process is repeated for every photo. Even though it works, be prepared to do a lot of tasks to achieve your end result.

Face Swap BoothFace-Swap-Booth

Install: Android (Free with in-app purchase), iOS (Free with in-app purchase)

If you’re looking for a face swap app that will allow you to change even the smallest details, this app is ideal for you. Face swap booth has powerful customization tools that enable you to work on faces until you achieve your desired result. Using this app, you can easily swap individual faces and get both funny and bizarre expressions. The cool thing about Face swap booth is it is integrated with Facebook and therefore, you can access and open your Facebook photos in the app. Take note, it’s impossible to save your creations unless you pay £2.99. This app is available for free both on Android and iOS.

Photo Face SwapPhoto-Face-Swap

Install: Android (Free

Photo Face Swap is an exciting app that allows you to easily and conveniently swap faces. The results you get depend on if your face is well aligned and the clarity of the photos you intend to use. The process of swapping photos is simple and hassle free so you can expect to have a good time using this app. Photo Face Swap comes with a Face Bomb Effect whose role is to put one face on everyone in the photo. Android users can download this app for free.


Install: Android (Free), iOS (Free)

MixBooth works differently; instead of swapping faces in photos, it combines two faces into one; this is really funny. The app allows you to add your photo and include photos of others you want to mix your face with. You can choose photos of strangers i.e. celebrities and mix their faces with your own. It’s a great way to see how you’d appear in someone else’s skin. MixBooth is available for free on both Android and iOS.

Face SwapFace-Swap

Install: Android (Free)

Face Swap is a nice and simple app that allows you to easily and conveniently swap your face with that of your friend. The app has features such as face auto detection. However, some people say this feature didn’t work for them and they had to manually choose the faces. You can get great results especially if you are patient and choose faces properly. If you need quick results, you might be disappointed. Face Swap is available on Android free of charge.

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