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July 6, 2016

The most used applications across any platforms especially IOS is iTunes. The entire range of apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod highly relies on this software for software updates, device management and transference of media, though nobody will let you know that iTunes is a stellar piece of software that almost everyone loves to use.

The software is bloated and unreliable, but its interface is better than similar software, this makes it look great even if it has that problem. Though it has this issue, Apple is dependency with this utility since it is used in the entire range of Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod but not that much. The challenge posed here is that drivers for I-devices only get installed when you have installed iTunes The main problem is that it has so much that is clubbed on that just one utility. In this case, the need for alternatives for iTunes is paramount.

As much as iTunes are inevitable, you deserve an alternative that will serve as your daily driver without necessary going back to iTunes. The following are options that can be used for windows, mac and some cases in Linux operating systems. Since iTunes is used mostly used more than a media player or manager, but other tools are included in other alternatives such as iOS management and sync with Android phones.

The choices selected in this article, however, put the iTunes media capability first and everything else is considered later.


It is a media player that is lightweight, and its interface is unique. At larger display sizes that is when certain elements become available only. Detection of iTunes library is automating, imports it and provision of notifications playback are done through an always-on-top widget. ecoute offers support to Facebook, Twitter and last.FM accounts connection.

It also offers iOS app capability that can comfortably replace native music player on tablet and mobile devices without any much problem.

The platform that it can be used in Mac and iOS. You can get it through which is absolutely free.

Wondershare TunesGotunesgo-interface

It is a multipurpose heavyweight that its purpose is an elimination for the need to visit iTunes, no matter the need. It has a larger capacity than an average media player or manager. It suite has all I-device management needs with high capacity. The package allows reverse copying since importation of music from iPhone or iPad to the computer instead of any other traditional aspect.

Syncing of iTunes media library with smartphones that have Android capability is allowed directly by TunesGo.

For windows, TunesGo has a capability of a free version, which makes many users feel satisfied. The paid TunesGo for Mac is also available as a trial to a certain period.

It can be used on windows and mac and paid wonder share TunesGo is available in


This package uses OS X-only to iTunes and focuses on playback of media part and ignores other things. It contains a social integration and enables last.Fm account connection. The swinsian part contains unique features, which include:

  • The easy metadata/ID3 editing tag.
  • If any AirPlay ports are available, it auto detects automatically.

The navigation around it is relatively simple and familiar since the interface of the package is highly reminiscent of iTunes. It is used in Mac platform, and a paid version of Swinsian is available at

Media MonkeyMediaMonkey (1)

Many users would say MediaMonkey is person favorite when using windows back in the day because it contains a media management suite that is incredibly powerful. Its work is not only bringing all music and video together, but it automatically finds missing track information and fills gaps, not leaving out the album contains the following capabilities:

  • Cleans out duplicates.
  • It automatically builds playlists based on your preferred listening habits and has the capability to record music from audio and videodisks.
  • It supports formats plethora, which includes FLAC which iTunes has no capability over it.
  • It sync’s music to iPod, iPad and along other many and preferred devices.

It is a free package but has the golden one that you can upgrade to if you wish to. The beef that only that could be with this fantastic tool is that it has a significant learning curve associated with it.

It can be used in Windows platform and both paid, and free version is available at

Double Twistdoubletwist

It has its clients in windows and android because of its diversity across media-player platforms and manager. The most reliable solutions are that it keeps sync across devices over a Wi-Fi connection in your media can be used reliably on a Mac and an android phone if you wish to sync iTunes with your music. Its approach is a no-nonsense kind of approach, which has an interface that is familiar and will force you to use it.

If you wish to have advanced features, you can decide to have the paid version but if not then there is the free version available for you. Its platforms are mac, windows and android, and both free and paid double twist is available at


It a device manager for iPhone, iPod, and iPad that is a fully equipped and hardcore device .it has the following features that are expected for every device manger:

  • Transfer for media
  • Device content backing up
  • Wallpapers syncing
  • Ringtones
  • Books
  • Photos
  • Music
  • Videos

Those are just some of the features but has more to your imagination. It also has some pieces of useful information that pertains to the device connectivity. It’s just available for Windows but free.

Its platform is windows, and free version of SynciOS is available at


It is a trimmed version of SynciOS and has some capabilities that are available in a traditional device manager. PodTrans does not require installations iTunes for music transference to and from iPhone or iPod. Its music player is native and supports drag and drop actions.

It uses mac and windows platforms and it free version is available at


It is used for serious audiophiles and is OS X-only media player. Fidelia talks about quality and business and the app prides its self, on the high-fidelity sound prioritization.Fidelia reminiscent interface has high-end radios and has a capability of wavelength visualization of the playing music. It supports FLAC and supports a number of other is the only media that uses iZotope technology and contains a sample of rate conversions that are optimal. It can be used in Mac platform, and a paid version of Fidelia is available at


This is one of the apps that you are going to fall in love with. It contains seamless integration of sound cloud, and this makes it the best app you will come across it provide high-fidelity sound and have best results if you have tracks of high quality. It contains a loop technology and has an iOS application in case you are interested in one.

It uses Mac and iOS platform, and vox free version are available at


Tomahawk does wide range of social connection channels, which contains sound cloud, Spotify and it also has the support of many platforms, and this makes it stand out among other apps. As long as you know the kind of music you want to listen to, you don’t have to worry because tromahawk will do that for you even if it is not contained in your library since is contains connectivity of google, facebook, and twitter.

It also enables sharing with your friends on the social media due to its supports Mac, Windows, Linux and Android platforms and tomahawk both paid and free is available at

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