7+ Slow Motion Video Apps On Android

September 5, 2016

Slow motion videos were once limited to expensive digital cameras and professional film crews, but technology is changing and bringing more power to the individual, which means you can now download a slow motion video app directly on-to your mobile phone! If you have an android smart phone and would like to create some amazing looking slow motion videos, then our easy to use guide can help you pick the app best suited to your needs.

Why Would I Want To Make A Slow Motion Video?

Slow motion can make even the most common every day task look extraordinary. Do you own a lighter? Film yourself sparking up, put it in slow motion and you’ll have your very own mini fire work show! Have a slinky lurking somewhere in your house? Drop the slinky in slow motion and see it levitate as it slowly falls into itself! You don’t need any special skills or equipment to appreciate the amazing effect slow motion can have on every day occurrences; simply use your slow motion app and truly appreciate the small things in life. Click here for some examples.

If you have an artistic side and a love for making videos, slow motion can really come in handy. It has never been easier to make a stunning artistic video or even create your next masterpiece. As slow motion can make so many things look more impressive, the possibilities are almost limitless. A frog hopping across the water, a flying bird, destroying almost anything… all these things look amazing in slow motion, and as you’ll be using your phone it’s never been easier to share your creations with the world. Get inspired by these amazing slow motion videos.

If the above has failed to convince you, there are also practical uses. If you’re watching something with subtitles or written instructions you can slow it right down so you don’t miss anything, or if you’re watching say an exercise video and you need to see exactly what the instructors are doing you can use your slow motion app to see every single movement. Playing with time can also be a lot of fun; double the speed to hear your voice become chipmunk-esque, or slow everything down to truly freak your friends out.

Fast Motion

Many of these apps also have fast motion features, so you can slow down and speed up time to create a truly unique video. The possibilities really are endless.

Convinced? Check below for our list of the seven best slow motion apps currently available on Android smart phones.

  1. Slow Motion Video FXSlow-fx-motion-Video-Apps

What does this app do? The sole purpose of Slow Motion Video FX is to allow the user to create and record slow motion and/or fast motion videos. This is an easy to use and straightforward application that allows you to record a video and make it slow/fast motion then and there. You can also select a pre-existing video to edit; it doesn’t matter if the video is old or new. This app also lets you play with the sound, so you can slow down and speed up voice recordings.

This app lets you choose to cut a specific part of the video and only make that specific part slow/fast. The app will then copy the changes and create a brand new video just showing the section you edited, whilst leaving the original completely untouched. You can then easily share your videos on Facebook, Snapchat and other social media platforms.

Any downsides? Depending on the size and quality of the images, the process may take several minutes. The audio from a slowed video is understandable, but isn’t particularly good. Users have also complained about the adverts and reported some glitches that slow down the app.

This app is available for free as it uses adverts to generate revenue. There is a pro version available, but as the free version has almost all the same features all this will really do is get rid of the adverts, so you should only purchase it if you really, really cannot stand ads.

For more information or to download this app, click here.

  1. SloproSlow-pro-motion-Video-Apps
    What does this app do?
    Slopro is another fast/slow motion video app. What is so unique about this app is that it allows you to make a slow/fast motion video in real time. You can literally start playing the video and select the speed you want. You can also change the speed whilst the video is playing, and your changes will then be added to the video. This allows you to really mix and match your time speeds and put a unique spin on all your videos.

Any downsides? This app only offers six speeds; three slow and three fast. This does make the app easier for beginners, but it doesn’t allow you a lot of leeway. Videos created with the free app will also be watermarked. Users have also complained that the app lags, suffers from glitches and can sometimes shut down unexpectedly.

Price: This app is also available in free and pro-versions. The free version still allows you to use the slow/fast motion features, but it will add a watermark to your video. If that is a problem we recommend the pro version for watermark free creations and some great additional features.

For more info or to download this app, click here

  1. Fast & Slow Motion Video ToolFast-Slow-motion-Video-Tool
    What does this app do?
    This is another fast/slow motion app. What sets it apart is its adjustability; you can slow the speed down to 1/8x, or you can speed it up to 8x it’s original speed. This app is also quick and easy to use; no need to spend time searching and uploading videos, because all your videos will be displayed on the main interface.

To use this app, all you need to do is click the video you want to edit and specify the area you want to make fast or slow motion. Just choose the speed and hit ‘OK’. You will also have the option to cut the video, and you can save it as an asf, avi, wmv or mp4 file for easier sharing.

Any downsides? Unlike Slow Motion Video FC, this video tool will not automatically trim your video, although you will have the option to cut it if desired. This app also takes longer then average to process your creations, and users have complained that the app can be slow and may take up a lot of memory.

Price: Free, but supports in-app purchases

For more info or to download this app, click here

  1. KMPlayerKm-Slow-motion-Video-app

What does this app do? Awarded Top 30 best App’s by Google Play in 2014, KMPlayer is a video player app which lets you watch HD videos in over 30 languages and offers a range of amazing control features.

Unlike other apps, this is not a specific video editor. Rather, it is a video player, which allows you to play a video in slow/fast motion. It is not actually a specific slow/fast motion app, but as it supports a large number of video formats and offers great quality we’ve decided to include it on our list.
This app is great if you just want to watch a video in slow/fast motion, I.e. if you need to watch an instructional video in slow motion, or if you just want to have a bit of fun with the settings.

Any downsides? This app isn’t suited to those who want to create and share videos. If you only want to watch a video in slow/fast motion and are also looking for an app to watch regular videos in, then KMPlayer may be for you. If you want to start creating and sharing your own creations, you may need to look at other items on this list as this app does not allow you to save or share videos.

Price: Free!

For more info or to download this app, click here

  1. VideoShopVideo-Shop-Slow-motion-Video-Apps-1
    What does this app do?
    Unlike KMPlayer, VideoShop is an all-encompassing video editor, and it offers a slow/fast motion editor as one of it’s many features. It offers quick and easy real-time editing; where you can slow the speed to 0.1x it’s original and increase it up to 4x. When you’re finish just click done and share your creation on social media directly through the app.

As well as the motion settings, you can also use this app to trim your videos, add music from your ipod or music player directly to your video to create an amazing soundtrack, add text, resize and rescale your video frame and create high resolution and great quality videos. It also offers playback, stop motion, voice-overs and Instagram-style features. If you are a budding film director who hasn’t quite got the equipment yet, then this may be the app for you.

Any downsides? Users say the app takes a whole to load, it can take up quite a lot of space on your phone and sometimes there are issues with uploading videos to social media. Make sure your phone can support the app and maybe clear some space before installing. Users have generally found the app easy to use, but some have reported glitches and lags.

Price: Free, but Ad supported

For more info or to download this app, click here

  1. Video Dieter 2Video Diester 2
    What does this app do?
    Like Videoshop, this is another app that offers slow motion editing as one feature of many video-editing tools. The main idea behind this app is to let you store and create videos at a smaller file size without losing quality, so you have more space on your phone but you can still create great looking videos.
    This app allows you to change the resolution on your videos, making it easy to increase and decrease the video size and easily store it on your phone. It can also compress your video without losing quality, it will allow you to slow speed down to 0.25x and increase up to 4x, and you can easily share on social media.
    Other features allow you to set the background music, trim the video, easily share your creations on Facebook, Snapchat and other social media, and it allows you to set your videos resolution and quality.

    Any downsides? You have to recommend the app to your friends before the app will let you use the fast/slow motion features, which may annoy some people. Video Dieter 2 has a lot of positive reviews from users, but some have reported lags and glitches.

    Price: Unspecified

    For more info or to download this app, click here

  2. Hudl TechniqueHudle Technique

What does this app do? Also available on iPhone, Hudl Technique is especially designed for athletic and sport orientated people. The purpose of the app is to allow the user to slow down a fitness/sports video to see how someone is doing a particular sport/exercise. This app only supports slow motion. So if you’re watching football and want to see all the specific details of a particular goal, you can use the slow motion feature to make sure you never miss another moment.
This app allows you to comment, share and annotate the videos. You can also record a new video or import a pre-existing video directly from your phone. Other features allow you to record your workout in HD, zoom in and pan out so you don’t miss any details, watch two videos side by side or stacked to compare, or even create and manage your own team!

Any downsides? This app is especially designed for athletes and those wanting to use the app for sports purposes, so if this doesn’t apply to you you may want to keep looking. The app has good reviews, but some android users are experiencing glitches and delays in viewing and importing the videos.

Price: Free
For more info or to download this app, click

And that’s it for our list of the seven best slow-motion apps available for android phones. If you have any queries or comments, please feel free to drop us a message below.

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