The Best Apps for Blocking Calls

April 14, 2016

Cell phones have been one of the greatest inventions to date, and this is something that most people would agree with. However, there is one downside of these cell phones. With so many people having these, it makes it harder and harder to dodge calls that you would rather not take. You can no longer use the excuse that you were not home to get the call. This also applies to marketing calls that you may be receiving, which can be rather annoying. So how can you stop these calls from getting through? One way is through the use of apps that help to block calls on your android phone.

These types of apps are going to allow you to receive the call, but you will never hear your phone ring. The person who is calling is not going to be any wiser that you have blocked their call, which can be an advantage for you. There are many people who utilize these apps, and they are happier for it. The following are some of the best call blocking apps that are available on Android.

Safest Call BlockerSafest Call Blocker

This app comes in a free and paid for version. The free version is going to include ads to help pay for the use of this. For those who do not want the ads, they can upgrade to the paid for version of this app. You can simply type in numbers from the menu of the app that are going to be blocked. They have also included the option to simply add the last number that called you if you cannot remember the number. In the end, you can simply check the app history logs to see what numbers have called and been blocked whenever you are ready to do so.

Mr. NumberMr Number

This is a free app that you can utilize on your Android phone. Though it is free, it does have a limit on how many phone numbers you can add to be blocked. It limits each phone to 20 numbers that it can block for free, if you need more numbers to be blocked, then you have to pay for the paid version of this app. In addition to allowing you to block numbers, the app is programmed to immediately dismiss spam.

Calls BlacklistCall Blacklist

This Android app is not only going to block phone numbers that you may not want to take calls from, but it is also going to help in blocking spam text messages from these senders. You can add numbers to block easily. From your call logs or messages logs you can simply choose these numbers to add to be blocked. You can also type these numbers into the app yourself. You can also whitelist some numbers to ensure that these calls are always received, if you are worried that the number could be considered spam.

Call Blocker FREECall Blocker Free

This app is completely free, and does not have any ads included with it, despite being free for users. You can block calls, along with text messages from numbers. You can specify which numbers to block using your call log or message log to enter these. In addition, this app provides you with numerous options for how to block a call. You can choose to hang up on the number when it comes in, you can allow it to answer then hang up, silence the call or let the phone ring as though it is in Airplane mode.

Call Blocker Free – BlacklistCall Blocker Free Blacklist

This is not to be confused with the app that was previously discussed, as it is completely different. This is an extremely light app; thus it can be preferable for those who do not have much room on their phones. It has the ability to create both a blacklist and whitelist of phone numbers that you want to stop coming through. It also has the option to hang up, mute, and hang-up and send a message to the number that calls in. You will be notified of what numbers have been blocked.

Blacklist PlusBlack List Plus

This app is extremely easy to use and has features that are considered rather nice for a free app. One of the interesting aspects of this app is that you can create a block for a number during a specific time period of the day. Though you may not be able to block numbers indefinitely, it does give you more control over how these numbers are being blocked. You can also add a password onto this app to keep it completely safe and secure.

Master Call BlockerMaster Call Blocker

This is another app that is free, but also is considered a light app. With this app you simply start a blacklist that will specify which numbers that you are going to block. You can also create a white list for those phone numbers that you want to ensure you always receive calls from. This app can also be disabled or enabled whenever you want. It also includes a schedule for blocked calls if you are interested.

TruecallerTrue Caller

This app is used for identifying those numbers that may call you frequently, but your own caller id is not picking up on who this is. You can also start a blacklist or whitelist with phone numbers that you do and do not want to answer the phone to. For those who are getting phone numbers that are not found, they can utilize the database within this app to see just who they belong to.

Avast Mobile Security & AntivirusAvast Mobile Security

This app may be known for its security and antivirus offerings. However, it is also having an amazing text message and call-blocking feature within the app as well. The call block feature is included with the free version for those who are interested. It is a rather simple call block feature, allowing you to place in numbers to the list that will be blocked. This is coming from a very trusted developer, for those who are interested in who they are getting their apps from.

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