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April 16, 2016
Record Calls On your phone

Almost everyone has been in the situation in which they wish that they had recorded a conversation so that they could remember the important details of this call later. However, in most cases, a person never thinks about this until it is too late. That is why having a recording app on your android device can make it easier later to recall those important tidbits of these conversations. Or this can also be used as a source of proof later in the event that it is a situation in which it is your word versus their word. The good news about these apps is there are numerous ones to choose from on the market. In fact, you are going to find that each one has slightly different features that can make it worth a lot to you, and most of these are free to use, with a paid version for most of these apps for even more features that record conversations, save these and the like for later use. Here are some of the best recording apps that there is on the market to use with your android devices.

Call Recorder – ACRCall Recorder Acr

This is one of the most popular downloads for Android, as it is compatible with just about any version of Android that a person may have. There is the option of setting this recorder up to manually or automatically record. In addition, there is the option for password protecting your recording, deleting old recordings, and ensuring that important recordings are marked as important.

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Galaxy Call RecorderGalaxy Call Recorder

For those who have Samsung phones, they are going to find that this recorder was developed just for you. It records 2 way conversations, so that nothing is missed later. However, there are some phones that are not going to allow for 2 way conversations, thus in order to do this you will need to have the call on speakerphone.

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Call RecorderCall Recorder

This all is going to let you make calls and when you do so, everything is going to automatically be recorded. It will organize your call records so that you can easily find the information that you are looking for. You can sit back and reexamine all the recordings for whatever information that was needed, and delete these calls that you no longer need.

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RMC: Android Call RecorderRMC Android Call Recorder

This is referred to as Record My Call, and is rather simple. There is not much fluff to the app, but it does get the job done. You will have to set up when to record the calls or manually do this on your own. However, it is simple to use, and most people find that even if they are advanced when it comes to their devices, that they can easily use this app. Due to being very simple, most people find that there are not many issues with using this app on their device.

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Easy Voice RecorderEasy Voice Recorder

This is a great recorder for when you are wanting to record your own thoughts after a conversation or a conversation with the person with you. You can then share these records or even email them to yourself to digest later if this is needed. This can also record phone conversations when they are on speakerphone. Thus, it becomes an audio recorder that works for several purposes.

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Call Recorder ProPaid Call Recorder

Call Recorder is going to allow you to look at what may be wrong with your device if you cannot record your conversations. It can also do some minor recordings for those who want to try this out. However, the pro version is going to give you more freedom with how you record, and what you do with these recordings later, whether you save these to listen to or delete because they are not important enough to keep.

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Easy Voice Recorder ProEasy Voice Recorder

When you go with the pro version of this free version software you are going to get a few more features about that is going to make it even better. You can boost your microphone to sound better, as well as use this feature to help with finding new music. It is very useful and efficient, and receives high ratings for this purpose. Given that this app has been called a helpful app for just about any purpose out there, the paid version is just as highly sought after and is worthy of the price that is being paid for it.

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Automatic Call Recorder ProAuto Call Record

This is the pro version that is going to let you automatically record the phone calls that you receive, as well as make suggestions as to which phone number you would rather the app record when they call. It allows you to be fully in control, which is a plus. You can even put some recorded conversations onto the cloud for safe storage and future reference, making this app well worth the cost.

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All Call Recorder DeluxeAll Call Deluxe

The paid for version of this app is simple, but efficient. You can make the choice to automatically record all phone conversations or pick and choose which phone number to record. All the recordings are going to be saved as 3gp files. You can even send these recordings via email, Skype or other cloud storage methods. This can make it easier to share important information with a group or when working on a team project that requires everyone knows the information that is being said.Download App

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For Android devices, all of these apps can be found via the Google Play store. You will see ratings and reviews of each app. The best option is to find the free version of the app, and then see how you like this. If you love the free version, chances are the pro or deluxe versions of these, which cost money, are going to be a great fit for you. In the end, you do not have to worry about missing out on those important details if you have recorded the conversation.

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