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July 4, 2016

Federal law is a bit dense on this subject, in that you can record a phone conversation if you have the consent of one of the parties. Essentially, you can record the conversation if you are one of the parties involved. This seems intended to prevent recording a conversation between two other individuals without them knowing about it. It takes a moment to get to that actual goal of the law.

So, if you want to record a conversation between you and a friend, you are probably going to be able to get that done, without the FBI getting into the picture. You just have to have the correct app for your iPhone to make it happen. To assist you, here are 10 of the best apps for iPhone call recording.

Three for Call Recording – On Top

TapeACall ProTapeACall-Pro

Regularly gets 4 or 5 stars from reviewers. It does come with a $10 price tag but from most reports it seems to work rather well. You can gather an unlimited number of incoming and outgoing calls, with playback available immediately. You also get some sharing options, such as Twitter, Facebook and text. Want to store those talks in the cloud? Put them in Dropbox, on Google Drive and so on. You may even want to send it to yourself via email. TapeACall Lite is available but has some limitations you may not care for.

Call Recorder – IntCallCall-Recorder-IntCall

Another on the list of “better” recording apps. This product also gets high marks on reviews. With this one, you dial a number from inside the app to start recording. Calls are stored at IntCall’s VoIP Server. You can play the recordings from the iPhone and share them with your email. This is a free download from the App Store. However, there is some cost because you have to purchase credits to use it.!call-recorder/ltwqw

Call Recorder Plus Call-Recorder-Plus

This app could just as easily have been placed a notch higher but this really is not the point. Call Recorder Plus has a big benefit going for it – you can record all your calls automatically. As one reviewer stated it, “without interaction by the user.” It is not a huge app at less than 4M but it does what it is supposed to do.

Call Recording with Call Recorder 3

Call Recorder FreeCall-Recorder-FREE

Some of the information from #3 applies here. You can record both incoming and outgoing calls. But there is an extra step here. While you are on a call you can touch the record button. The app dials the number and your current call is on hold. When the dialed number connects you tap Merge and you have what is known as a three-way call!

Call Log Pro Call-Log-Pro

This app records outgoing calls made from the app itself. Reviewers have reported that this process works better with Wi-Fi, though it can be used separately. After two minutes of a call you will have to start paying, which you do from within the app. Calls are saved in a log and are on the developer’s server. For iOS 4.3 or later. Free.

The “Bottom” of the Top 10 in Call Recordings

Really, you could take most of these apps, toss them in a basket and pull names to establish your order. It all depends on what you are looking for and whether you mind an extra step during the recording process. The remaining five apps certainly could be placed in a different order. These options have some distinct limitations but they will still work well for basic phone-call recording.

Edigin Call RecorderEdigin-Call-Recorder

 When you record conversations on your iPhone with this app you are using a cloud process. Calls are moved through cloud-based data hubs for recording purposes. Your next step is to search, play and download as you would other data. You must have an Edigin app and reviewers have had some problems with signing a contract. Free. iOS 7 or later.

No Call RecordingCall-Recording-NoNotes

 This app comes from one of the larger organizations in the industry. You can record both outgoing and incoming calls, with storage in the cloud. Each month you can record up to 20 minutes without charge. Purchase more credits from within the app. As with some other recording apps you can share recordings on social media and you can also use a transcribe mode. Free. Contact the company for information about availability. iOS 6 or later.

Call Recorder – VoIP Phone Calls/Recorder

 You can record outgoing calls made through the company’s server. Recording is free but you have to pay for VoIP calls made. Reviewers state that this app works best with Wi-Fi or a direct 3G connection. Free. iOS 5.1.1 or later.

Two More in the Call Recording Game


Record calls, video, audio. Create an account and get set to record calls that are saved in your online account. There are some other options that a segment of the population will like: RSS feeds, listener stats, options for downloads. Record by calling ipadio number and use the personal identification number (PIN) sent by the company. This app has the merge step similar to a few other apps.

Google VoiceGoogle-Voice

This app from the online behemoth allows you to record calls when you have the app on your phone. Set up an account and start recording. You just have to choose the enable option. You can record incoming calls by pressing the 4 button and end calls the same way.

This is one list, and may be limited in scope, to some extent because it “only” takes 10 apps into account. But you may choose any one of the items on this list and do an acceptable job of call recording. If this activity has been in the back of your mind for some time, there is really no reason to hesitate at this point. If you have an iPhone and one of these options, you can record.

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