Cartoonize Yourself: 9 Free Tools to Convert Your Pictures to Cartoon

Cartoonize Yourself: 9 Free Tools to Convert Your Pictures to Cartoon
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Cartoonized photos are fun.

Who wouldn’t like a funny form of himself?

And the way it’s catching up fire all around the globe, it’s no doubt that people love such things. Cartoonized pictures have gained a lot of popularity.

Harnessing the power of technology, several services started with which you cartoon yourself. There are some desktop softwares as well that would do the magic for you; but you have to pay for it. After-all, you’re getting service worth the money.

But the trend has changed since then, more new and new web online services are now right on our desks which would the stuff automatically; but this time they’re free. (Yes! Completely free!)

So, let’s move on to the 9 such Amazing Online Tools to Cartoon Yourself for free (+4 Advanced Tools).

#1 – BeFunky

Photo Editing & Graphic Design Made for Everyone

BeFunky Photo Editor lets you apply photo effects, edit photos and create photo collages with collage maker. Online Photo editing and creating collages has became just easier with this tool.

The beauty of this service lies in it’s power. BeFunky is not only a cartoon maker tool, but along with that, you’ve a full-fledged photoshop alternative built in it. Also, it helps you to make collages of your photos with a single click.

You can produce stunning photographs, cartoonify yourself and captivate designs with fun, easy-to-use photo editing and graphic design tools. The photo editor is very user friendly. Just like Plug, Play and Drive.

Steps to cartoonize photos with BeFunky:

  1. Upload your photo.
  2. Open Navigation Menu, navigate to Artsy, the 5th section in the menu.
  3. Click on Cartoonizer (second option).
  4. Select any one out of the five cartoonizing effects available. Wait for the process to complete.

That’s it. You’re done. With this, BeFunky will automatically turn your uploaded picture into a cartoon.

As far as you aren’t using their premium templates to cartoonize your photo, the tool is free to use.

#2 – Cartoon.Pho.to

Cartoon.Pho.to is an online service that not only cartoonifies your photos, but also adds expressions to your photos of your choice. This makes it equal to two different tools in one. Cartoon Yourself with Fun!

The speciality of this tool is filtering. You get your photos cartoonized like the ones present in comics. It looks so comical that you’d be thinking your presence in a comic.

Steps to cartoonify with Cartoon.Pho.to:

  1. Upload your photo.
  2. Select cartoonizing effect.
This tool does not puts any watermark in the photos. Just awesome!

#3 – Cartoonify

Cartoonify is a vector editor that doesn’t actually cartoonize your photo but gives you ample of choices to cartoon yourself. Just kinda DIY!

They’ve more than 300 vectors of different face, eyes, nose, hair, iris, eyebrows, glasses, clothes and even background with the combination of which, you’ll be able to create a perfect cartoon of yourself.

The only thing needed here is enough creativity. You need to be actually aware of how you look in order to collect your eyes, nose, face, hair from the different pieces available. Kinda puzzle?!

The beauty of this service lies in it’s simplicity. Get started right from ground, with a readymade cartoon, go on changing body parts, and you finally have your cartoonized form!

Steps to cartoon yourself with Cartoonify:

  1. Select your gender.
  2. Go on changing parts until you feel that you’ve obtained your cartoon character.
This tool has ample of resources to create your cartoonized from, all you need is creativity to make yours.

#4 – Cartoonize

Cartoonize is a special cartoonizing online service that cartoonizes your photo within seconds. It provides you with more than a 100 amazing cartoonizing effects to change your photo to a cartoon. With this, you have some awesome effects to cartoon yourself.

It also offers premium desktop softwares, which would let you do cartoonizing of innumerable photos right on your desktop without any watermarks.

Steps to turn your photo into a cartoon with Cartoonize.net:

  1. Upload your photo.
  2. Select any one cartoonizing effect.
The free web version comes with pictures watermarked. In order to remove them, you’ll need to purcahse their software.

#5 – Kuso Cartoon

Kuso Cartoon is another free cartoonizing web service to cartoon yourself instantly. You get 6 styles of effects to choose from and completely transform the cartoon.

But, along with this, the limitation of this service is, you can upload only .jpg or .png photo of yours which is less than 500 KB in size.

Steps to cartoonify your photo with Kuso Cartoon:

  1. Select a style for your cartoon.
  2. Upload your picture.
  3. Wait for cartoon conversion.
  4. View and optimize your cartoon.
  5. Download your cartoon.

#6 – Portrait Illustration Maker

Portrait Illustration Maker is a vector service. Instead of cartoonizing your photos, this service let’s you create your own cartoonized photo. Another DIY project is fun!

You’ve all the tools to get started. Select from the large variety of faces, eyes, iris, nose, lips, beard, spectacles and lots more. The power to cartoon yourself is in your hands!

Steps to cartoonize pictures with Portrait Illustration Maker:

  1. Select a mask.
  2. Choose from the available sets of body parts.
  3. Add any extra elements you’d want in the cartoon.
This needs creativity and time. Here, you’ll be given everything from what you can create of cartoon of yourself.

#7 – Snaps Touch

Snaps Touch is basically a photo editing tool that lets you create artistic photo with a single click. It’s not a cartoonizing tool by default but the classic effects over here can be used to create your cartoon.

It offers a wide variety of effects including Sketch, Painting, Drawing, Singleshare and Outline Effect. These tools can be used to cartoon yourself.

Steps to convert photos to cartoon with Snaps Touch:

  1. Select any one effect out of the available ones.
  2. Upload your photo.
  3. The tool will automatically create the desired photo effect.
Painting effect looks more of a cartoonized effect of a photo to be used.

#8 – Photo Kako

Photo Kako is the most popular photo editing service in Japan. It offers you more than 100 effects to completely transform your uploaded picture.

It’s simple and efficient. Works as promised. Although with a little shattered and ugly homepage, it’s a tool worth trying to cartoon yourself.

Steps to cartoonify photos with Photo Kako:

  1. Upload your photo.
  2. Select cartoonizing effect.
The place to upload your image is right below the ad on the left side. The tool’s homepage looks a little ugly and confusing.

#9 – Moonjee

Moonjee is a very popular sets of tools in which Face Morpher is a part. Face Morpher allows you to transform faces to artistic, i.e. cartoonized photos. Along with just cartoonizing effect, there are several other effects available to completely transform your photo, i.e. cartoon yourself.

Steps to cartoon yourself with Moonjee:

  1. Select Make a Face Art.
  2. Upload your photo.
  3. Click on the photo.
  4. In the actions below, drag the bar from Realistic to Artistic.
The tool is a little complicated to deal with.

Advance Tools to Cartoonify Your Photos

  1. Adobe Photoshop: The most advanced photo editing tool does cartoonizing stuff as well! Read this tutorial by Digital Camera World to add a cartoon effect to your photos using Photoshop.
  2. GIMP: A freeware that works as one of the best freeware Photoshop Alternatives can cartoonify photos for you. It can do almost everything that Photoshop software can do; some more better things too! Here’s a nice tutorial on how to cartoonify photos with GIMP.
  3. Caricature SoftwarePhoto to Cartoon is freeware desktop tool that lets you turn photos to cartoons easily.
  4. Android AppCartoon Photo, an Android app that does perfectly what it is meant to do; turns your photos into beautiful and funny cartoons.


Along with the above mentioned tools, softwares and apps to cartoonify photos, there are several others available out there with works fine.

But, remember this:

Every tool has it’s speciality. It differs in the form of cartoon pictures formed as result, the textures, effects, etc. Some are only meant to cartoonify pictures while others do a lot more than that.

Which of the above mentioned tools did you liked the most to cartoon yourself?