Google Chrome Slow? Advanced Guide to Speed Up Chrome
It’s better if you’re here after visiting the Beginner’s Guide to Speed Up Chrome as those are the things which would give you the maximum impact (better page load speeds) and efficiency to Chrome. Time to go advanced! This article is geared towards some of the advanced tweaks that can be played upon Chrome to… (0 comment)

Cartoonize Yourself: 9 Free Tools to Convert Your Pictures to Cartoon
Cartoonized photos are fun. Who wouldn’t like a funny form of himself? And the way it’s catching up fire all around the globe, it’s no doubt that people love such things. Cartoonized pictures have gained a lot of popularity. Harnessing the power of technology, several services started with which you cartoon yourself. There are some desktop softwares as… (0 comment)

Pastebin Alternatives: 28 Free Text Saving Web Services
If you’re a coding nerd, then you might already know what it takes to share your code snippets with the world. Just a single online text repository service – Pastebin, right? Yes, definitely. With millions of people who’ve shared billions of texts and code snippets, Pastebin has just become their fancy tool to share their work… (0 comment)

2 Easy Tricks to Send Blank Message on Facebook
Most of the times, Facebook is your ultimate weapon to kill your boredom, right? Chat, Upload, Like, Post…there’s a lot to do. But sometimes, it still feels boring. So, here’s a cool trick to be played on Facebook to kill your boredom – Sending Blank Messages. Why would someone send blank messages? A blank message? What does it really… (0 comment)