20 Awesome New Inventions You Haven’t Heard of Before

February 18, 2016
Cool inventions

You know all about the latest iPhone and the newest all-electric cars, but have you heard about these inventions? Some of them are small; some of them are large. Some look simple; some look more complex. All of them can be used in daily life, and we challenge you to see how your life can be revolutionized with these unique gadgets and technology.

Take a look at these top twenty-five innovations that you can use for cycling, smart phones, laser and LED products, daily technology, fashion and beauty, and food.


1. Automated Tire Pressure Regulatorco2 regulator cool invention

Those of you who bike on many different terrains know that you need to adjust your tire pressure according to the terrain, and it can be a pain to stop in the middle of a ride to adjust your tires. With this self-adjusting CO2 regulator on your tires you can ride continuously over multiple terrains while your tires adjust themselves to optimize your performance and enjoyment.

2. Personalized Bike Lane LightPersonalised bike lights inventions you didnt know

For cyclists on the roads, bike lanes provide an extra measure of security. But what do you do when there are no bike lanes, especially at night? XFire has solved this problem by inventing laser bike lane lights that you can attach to your bike for a mobile bike lane that moves with you. These bright red LED lights are visible up to a mile away and the lightweight, compact product is charged by USB.

3. One-Wheel Electric CycleOne Wheel Electric Cycle awesome invention

RYNO presents an electric-powered, one-wheeled cycle. It’s a cross between a motorcycle and a unicycle, designed to accommodate the need for mobility in crowded cities and office spaces. That’s right, you can ride right into the elevator and mingle in crowds with this new vehicle that takes up no more space than your personal bubble. Admit it, you’ve always wanted to ride a unicycle. Even if you lack the balance to cycle atop a single wheel, now you can navigate city sidewalks in style.

4. Pedal-Free CyclePedal Free Cylcle

Tired of pedaling your bicycle? FLIZ has created a new type of cycle that relies on foot power, combining elements of running and cycling by connecting you, the rider, with the frame in a totally new way. Note: the official website is written in German.

For Your Smart Phone

5. Motion Control for iPhonemontr iphone mount invention

With Galileo, an app-based mount for your iPhone, you can remotely control the orientation of your phone. This is great for video calls such as Skype, Google Hangout, and FaceTime; it can also be used for home security and surveillance, creating panoramic photos and videos, and tracking motion hands-free. The mount can also be used with a GoPro.

6. Flexible Screen Phones and Tablets

Ever wished that screen on your smart phone or tablet wasn’t so easily scratched and broken? Samsung is reportedly soon releasing a flexible screen smartphone. Picture an old flip phone but it flips open to reveal a touch screen. This technology is not yet on the market, so keep an eye out for it.

7. Electricity-Free Bamboo Speaker

This is a speaker made of sleek bamboo wood. It amplifies your iPhone without using any additional electricity. iBamboo’s eco-friendly acoustics will impress your friends and family!

Laser and LED Products

8. LED Slippers

These LED slippers light up when you step on them. Cool features include a 25-foot range of light, and the fact that the slippers light up only when it is dark. The slippers are made of wool with non-skid soles, include two lithium batteries, and come in small, medium, and large sizes for men and women.

9. Laser Security System

Keep an eye out for intruders with this laser security system designed by SpyNet. The system includes mirrors and a tripwire that is activated by shadow. Arranging the mirrors in different configurations allows you to secure a room of up to 100 square feet.

10. Laser-Guided Scissors

Cut perfectly straight lines or with greater precision using these laser-guided scissors by ThinkGeek. A laser beam located on the scissor handle shows exactly where you are cutting.

For Your Technology

11. Floating Speakers

Throw a radical pool party with floating speakers. These speakers have a 33-foot range, are powered by AAA batteries, and include blue mood lighting. They are compatible with Adroid, Apple, MP3, and BlueTooth capable devices.

12. Wi-Fi Antenna Booster

If you have a weak Wi-Fi signal or want to strengthen your wireless reliability, this Wi-Fi antenna booster is perfect. A spherical signal pattern optimizes signal reception. Simply attach the antenna to your current wireless router in place of the pre-existing antenna.

13. Rotating Power Strip

This multiple-outlet power strip rotates to accommodate plugs of various sizes. There’s no need to worry about rearranging plugs because the larger ones don’t fit next to each other. Simple rotate the power strip to angle the large plugs away from each other.

14. Virtual Keyboard

Project a virtual keyboard onto any flat surface with CTX Technologies. This technology is compatible with most BlueTooth devices so that you can type away no matter where you are.

Fashion and Beauty

15. Camouflaging Band-Aid

This bandage changes color to match your skin tone.

16. Super Water Resistant Spray

NeverWet produces hydrophobic sprays that are incredibly resistant to water. Treat clothing, shoes, jackets, and other materials with this ultra-waterproof spray.

17. Laser-Display Active Contact Lenses

Three lasers and a micromirror work together to scan images directly onto your eye when you wear these active contact lenses. You don’t even need to open your eyes to see a movie or book in high resolution!

18. Gloves that turn sign language into speech

These incredible sign-language-to-speech gloves were created by a student as a final project for a masters degree. Although they are not yet on the market, the inventor is working to lower production costs and make the gloves available for ordinary people to span language barriers.


19. Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

Ensure no one steals your lunch again! These reusable bags are designed to deter hungry thieves from stealing your lunch. Your sandwich looks moldy to the unsuspecting would-be thief, but the mold-imprinted bag keeps your fresh sandwich reserved for you alone.

20. Color Alerts for Spoiled Food

A milk carton changes color when the milk has gone bad. Chinese scientists have developed stickers made of nanorods that change color with time so that you can easily see if a food product is past the expiration date.

Check out these nifty inventions and let us know what you think!

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