Top Tricks to Master Skype

April 22, 2016

For those who utilize a VoIP service, more than likely they are using Skype. Why is this? Because Skype was one of the first on the market and due to this, it is often considered the best to utilize. With Skype you can make voice or video calls with another individual or with a group of people, in fact, you can have a group conversation with up to 25 people. There are tons of people who use Skype every day, and for those who may be newbies to this service or simply want to learn all the ways in which Skype can help them, here are some tricks that can help you to make the most of your Skype service.

Always know your Chat History

Ever have the wonder of what you talked about with someone? If the conversation was recent, you will find that this is in your Skype information and you can re-read this. However, Skype does delete the chat history after a certain point in time. Meaning that if you try to find this information later, it may be gone. However, you can back up your chat history with Skype though running a command “%appdata%skype”.

Back up char history

Click on mainWhen you do this you will find a file that is named “Skype ID”. Click into this and you will see a file named “main.db”. You will want to copy and save this file on your PC or an external storage for access to past conversations at any time.main dot db

Access Wi-Fi with Skype

There are times in which you may be having trouble with accessing the Internet. If this is the case, you can utilize a Wi-Fi connection that is using your Skype credits. According to Skype, they have over 2 million spots in which this can be used so that you can have access to the Internet, no matter where you are at.

Remove the Ads

Those ads that you see while using Skype can be hugely annoying. If you want to get rid of these, you can. You will want to go to the Control Panel and then click on the “Network and Internet” option.remove adsremoves ads network

Then go to the Internet Options area and you will want to click on the Security feature. Click the “Restricted sites” option and then the “site” button will become available. Click on this and then enter: and add this. Once you restart your PC and skype, the ads will be gone.internet properities securityadd skype to blocked ads list

Forward your Calls

To ensure that you never miss a call, you can put your Skype calls on call forwarding. You can forward this to another skype account, or even to a phone number that is mobile or a landline. Though this service is free, when the call is received, you are still using your Skype credits, even if this is being made to your mobile phone. In order to do this, you are going to want to go to the Tools section within the menu and click on the options. Once you are here, click on the calls feature and then set up the call forwarding option.Skype call forwardingfoward calls with skype

Use the Camera for Remote Security

Ever wonder what happens at your home when you are not there? You can utilize Skype as a sort of remote security camera. For this purpose, you will need to have two accounts. One for calling your account hooked to your PC, and the other to answer the call. You are going to find that you have to set your account to always answer incoming calls, even if you do not click on this. You can do this through the Options program via the Tools menu. You will then click on the Calls and the calls setting and check the option that states to ‘answer incoming calls automatically’.skype security camera

use skype as camera when not at home

record call with skype cameraRecord your Calls

Though Skype does not offer the option to record the phone calls you have via Skype, you can still do this with one of the many apps that are out there. You will find that you will need an app that will go good with Skype in order to get this done, but it can very useful in specific situations.

Edit your Messages that you Have Sent

Everyone has been in a situation in which they wish that they could edit those messages that they already sent for whatever reason, such as misspelling a word or the like. Most people do not think that this is possible, but it most certainly is. For those who want to edit a message, they simply need to press the up arrow, they will then be able to edit the message and send again. The new message is going to replace the one with the error.

Hide your Typing Indicator

When trying to collect your thoughts while messaging on Skype, having the typing indicator can be somewhat bothersome for some people. However, you can hide this so that no one will know if you start to type, then erase or whatnot. To do this, click on the Tools and then Options. Then click on the “IM & SMS”, then the “IM Settings”. Go to ‘show advanced options’ and uncheck the ‘Show when I am typing” feature.

Clear your History

Don’t want others to see what you have been doing while on Skype? Then clear your history on Skype. You can do this easily by accessing the advanced options of the “IM Settings” and clicking on the clear history option. This will delete all chat history.clear skype history

Share your Files

You can share your files directly with those who you are chatting with. The good news is that there is no limit on how big of a file that can be sent, which is why so many people love this option. To do this, simply click on the paper clip icon next to your text box, and choose what you want to send. You can send files, photos, and video messages. Once there, simply upload this and click send.share file send files via skype

If you have been using Skype, chances are you did not realize all the neat tricks there are to this program that can make your life easier. Now you do!

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