Best Android Data Recovery Software To Recover Deleted Files From Android

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May 30, 2015
Best Android Data Recovery Software 1

Unlike iOS, Android offers a lot of freedom, including that we are allowed to recover deleted files from Android on our own. You just need to be aware of the best Android data recovery software and for that, you came at the right guide. This is where I will let you know the best software and also the process you need to go through in order to get the job done.

If you missed our last guide, we shared the data recovery process for Windows platform (computers and laptops), which can help you recover files from system or hard disk or backup hard disk or USB pen drives or memory card, etc.

This time, it is Android and that previously shared process can’t work on it. Because, not every software can have access to files and folders system of the Android OS. For that, we need a special program and I am here with the same.

Before starting with the process, there are few things you need to be aware of. Once a file is deleted from your Android device, then there are chances of getting it recovered. But, no one can guarantee of its 100% success. You need to take things on chance, right from this moment.

Not every file is recoverable. There are limitations with this method or any other file recovery method, and to understand that you need to understand how Operating System works and how they store files in the storage. Rather than going deep in those details, you should probably be thankful for the files you will be managed to recover through this process.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Android

After all that information brochure, here is the final part, i.e. the process you need to go through in order to learn how to recover and proceed in the same. You need to go through following mentioned steps, as it is and make sure you don’t miss or jump anything.

  • Download Android Recovery software first. This is one of the most recommended software over the internet, particularly when it comes to Android data recovery. You can get its free version downloaded. It is only available for Windows platform.

Best Android Data Recovery Software 1

  • After the file is downloaded on your Windows computer, double click on its installer package and start going through on screen instructions. This is just like any other software’s installation process and I am sure you know what you have to do i.e. click on Next, Next, buttons until you reach the Finish one.
  • Meanwhile, Pick up your Android device, move into Settings and under Development tab, enable ‘USB Debugging’ option. This option is present in every Android device and you will find it for sure. In different devices, the option may be at different locations, but it is inside Development part of Settings.
  • Once the option is enabled, you need to pick the USB cable which arrived with your device in the package and use that to connect your Android device with your Windows computer or laptop.

Best Android Data Recovery Software 2

  • Till now, I hope the software installation is over. So, start it by double-clicking on its Desktop shortcut or either it from Start Menu. Click on Next once it starts since you have already enabled the USB Debugging option.
  • Select the file type which you wish to recover. If you remember the file type then it will ease the process, but in other case, select all the file types and click on ‘Next’ button at the bottom.

Best Android Data Recovery Software 3

  • Since, we are sure that the file we are looking is already lost, so select the ‘Scan for deleted files’ option from the Standard Mode, and proceed by clicking on ‘Next’.
  • Your Android device will buzz and you need to tap on ‘Allow’ option from that interaction which is done due to this process. The software will begin its process and within few minutes it will be ready with all files recovered.

Best Android Data Recovery Software To Recover Deleted Files From Android

  • You will see a list of files which can be recovered and were deleted first. Select the files you wish to recover and click on ‘Recover’ button at the bottom right corner.

The process is totally over now. Once the files are recovered, you will find them back on your Android file system, at the original location from where you deleted them.

I hope the process was simple and you also find it totally legit. I checked the whole process with my Xperia P device and Windows 7 running a desktop, and it was working fine. So, this was my personal experience with which you went through.

Do share the experience on your side and also share this guide over your social network profiles. This will help all your friends who are looking for a similar tool and in bad need. If you need assistance on any related matter, then write it down in the comment section and we will get back to the matter as soon as we can. Peace.

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