Download Dragon City 3.6 Modded APK – Unlimited Money [July 29, 2015, Update]

March 4, 2016

Dragon City 3.6 Modded APK is an adventurous Android game in which you can play around with huge dragons and occupy the entire city. It is an amazing unlimited money game, so you never have a reason not to join this open-source fun. The Dragon City 3.6 Modded APK allows you to build an enhanced epic world in which the ancient dragon reign. Effectively conquer great cities by collect hundreds of fierce dragons, nurture them accordingly and gradually play-train them for the great battle. In the battlefield, unleash your immense dragon power and fury on rival players to show them you are still King of the notorious Dragon regime.

You certainly have watched the fictional movies; many of which may have big dragons flying across cities, making lots of mess and even decapitating the whole land. For gamers, we are, dragons are not apocalyptic creatures like most people imagine they are cute gaming characters without which we could be less creative. That’s it, if you have a burning sensation for dragons, then Dragon City is the ideal catch. In this amazing online game, you have a unique platform to raise your dragon empire and consequently challenge other dragons on a global scale.

Awesome Features of Dragon City 3.6 Apk Mod:

This new role-playing game kick-starts with a dragon breeder which allows you to hatch new dragons into your dragon world; you raise them steadily till you are the ultimate dragon master. However, to breed perfect dragons, you’ll have to invest lots of cash and resources. The good news is, Dragon City Modded APK is pre-loaded with unlimited money so that you can integrate as many features as you may wish. The latest modded APK was released on July 29, 2015, and its version Dragon City 3.6.

• It’s relatively easy to play and install.

• Endless fun with numerous missions

• You can enjoy Dragon City on your Android and Tablet.

• Collection of hundreds different dragons

• Every week there are new adventure dragons

• Unlimited gems, unlimited gold, and everything.

• The latest Dragon City version with latest levels

• Build a dragon magical city, with buildings, to arouse rival players’ envy

• Challenge thousands of players to unleash your dragon’s might

• Play with friends; endow them with gifts and visiting their Dragon cities.

• Combines and increase ten genres of dragons (Terra, Sea, Flame, Nature, Ice, Steel, Electric, Dark Legend and Pure); obtain newer and stronger hybrids.

What’s New in Dragon City?

Rarity: All recent dragons now have rarity classification. They can be Rare, Common, Epic, Legendary or Very Rare. There are also rare dragons, which are more powerful and produce more gold; they are however harder to get

Bugs fixed.

How to Download and Install Dragon City 3.6 Modded APK on Android:

Download latest Dragon City 3.6 Modded APK-unlimited money.

Uninstall any previous versions of Dragon City if you any exists.

Go to Settings > Security > Allow Unknown Sources Installation. You can now install any APK from different sources

Place downloaded Dragon City 3.6 Modded APK on your Android device.

Tap downloaded APK to begin the installation process.

Once installation is complete; initialize Dragon City installation with unlimited money

Have fun experience gaming on your Android device and on Facebook. Now you can nurture your dragons anyplace and whenever you like!

How to play Dragon City 3.6:

Dragon Breeding Tips:

A new type of dragon is bred when any two essential brands are mixed, and this results in getting the possibility of a very creative dragon types. Some elemental combinations can produce multiple dragon types as the result. This is down to chance and you often just have to persevere to get the one you want.

Many are the times when people are terrified to sell dragons that are not well paying, but some can earn one large payout should you decide to sell. The gold collection should be checked regularly to prevent the hatcheries from being engaged as this would lead to hard-earned money wastage if the reserves are not cleared on a regular basis.

Guide to Combat:

Earning sufficient gold and gems is the key to better performance in combat as this gears progression in your city based on the fortes and faults that each dragon holds.

All that’s needed to participate in battle tournaments is building a stadium. These involve you selecting 2 or 3 dragons on your crew, to compete against the rival with a similar number in turns to make an approach. Picking a well-adjusted set of dragons is important as it ensures that your team is strong and resilient against a variety of hostility. One is permitted to contest in one occurrence every 12 hours Furthermore one can battle additional performers by selecting the Globe icon and choosing Combat World. With that you can play in Combat World three times every 6 hours, so much more regularly than the tournaments.

The Basics:

Due to variations in dragon’s maximum health and its impairment resistance capability, it is not possible to control the rate at which your dragon gets damaged hence each dragon attacks till it runs out of health.

Leveling up your dragons empowers them hence acquiring new, stronger attacks and is essential especially when your current one is weaker compared to your opponent. This enables you to substitute it for a stronger one in your team at the cost of a turn depending on how weak the dragon is and whether it’s worth it or not.

During an attack, the nature of your current dragon and that you are up against effects the degree of damage you receive therefore picking the right one before going to a battle helps avoid losses.

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