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January 23, 2016

The extremely popular HotStar app, offered for iPhones, iPads, PCs, and laptops, is also available for Nokia Asha phones, letting people watch whatever they want whenever they want—even in the middle of traveling from one place to another. This article tells you how to get the free HotStar app onto your phone so you, too, can have this viewing mobility.

About HotStar

Produced by Star India Pvt Limited, father of all Star TV channels, HotStar was originally created to bring this television to mobile phones (smartphones specifically) in an effort to increase audience size and interest. Its tagline is “Go solo.” With over 50,000 hours of video on its website, HotStar provides lots of content of all genres in 8 languages. HotStar boasts a Smart Search bar and user-friendly interface as well as categorization by language and type (television, film, and sports), making it incredibly easy to find what you’re looking for. HotStar is open to feedback and provides links to Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus pages for you to follow to learn about additions to its video selection. Popular movies include The Last Stand and Need for Speed along with television shows Glee and Boston Legal, and every major sport is covered live. Check out some of these great HotStar features:

  • Original program content
  • Easy to navigate
  • Latest popular content

HotStar offers apps that work for most smartphones, although Nokia phones are a bit harder to accommodate. That said, this article offers a solution that allows you to enjoy HotStar even if you have a Nokia Asha phone. Read on to find out how you can download HotStar to your device and start watching thousands of hours of videos for free. No matter whether you’re in a café or on a sidewalk, your phone can go anywhere with you, and so can your supply of HotStar videos!hotstar-nokia

Features of the Nokia Asha HotStar App

The best elements of the popular HotStar iPhone and iPad app are present in this HotStar Nokia App. Check out some of this app’s best features:

  • Free!
  • Featured on Top Charts in App Store
  • Includes TV, movies, and sports
  • For Nokia Asha
  • Available in English, Hindi, Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Marathi
  • Small file (40 MB)
  • Works with any bandwidth
  • Create playlists
  • Download videos in advance
  • Pick up right where you left off with a video
  • Rate content to receive viewing suggestions from HotStar
  • No registration required

These features comprise a great app that enables you to watch things on your own time, picking up right where you left off if you need to stop and come back to it later. Watch things whenever and wherever you want, even when your Internet access is poor or nonexistent. Sit down with some popcorn in the living room to watch an action movie. Grab a coffee and put on a comedy to put you in a good morning mood. Make playlists with all your favorite videos to bring back pleasant memories. The versatile HotStar app quickly adapts to your preferences, even the most unique ones. Plus you can take it on the go as you go about your daily business. If you start craving a Hollywood or Bollywood during your downtime, you can watch it immediately—even if you’re on your way somewhere! Sound good to you? Then grab your Nokia Asha phone and get HotStar up and running in just a few minutes!

Installation Instructions

These instructions are quite simple (only including 2 steps!), and they work for Nokia Asha phones—although, sadly, HotStar is not available for Nokia Lumia phones right now. So this will only work if you have a Nokia Asha phone. Thanks to the small file size, the file won’t take long to download, and you’ll soon have access to HotStar’s entire video supply.

  • Go to Nokia Ovi store and run a search for HotStar.
  • Install the program.

At this point you should be good to go! Now’s the time to start sampling quality TV, movies, and live sports coverage. Pick favorites, save them in playlists, and start watching anything you want without fear of losing your progress. Download the movie Airlift to entertain you during a long, boring flight or an episode of Silsila Pyaar Ka to make your walk home seem a little shorter. And if you have Internet that’s pretty slow, chances are, things will still work out for you since HotStar’s videos run smoothly even with a 2G bandwidth. The Smart Search bar will help you find what you’re looking for from thousands of videos.

Favored Nokia Asha Phones

Popular Nokia Lumia Phones


Asha 200

nokia-800Nokia Lumia 800

Sea Ray

nokia-asha-201Asha 201

nokia-lumia-710Nokia Lumia 710



Asha 202

nokia-lumia-900Nokia Lumia 900


nokia-asha-203Asha 203

nokia-lumia-610Nokia Lumia 610[89]



Asha 205

nokia-lumia-510Nokia Lumia 510


nokia-asha-210Asha 210

nokia-lumia-820Nokia Lumia 820


nokia-asha-230Asha 230

nokia-lumia-920Nokia Lumia 920


nokia-asha-300Asha 300 nokia-lumia-505Nokia Lumia 505
nokia-asha-302Asha 302

nokia-lumia-620Nokia Lumia 620


nokia-asha-303Asha 303

nokia-lumia-520Nokia Lumia 520


nokia-asha-305Asha 305

nokia-lumia-720Nokia Lumia 720


nokia-asha-306Asha 306

nokia-lumia-925Nokia Lumia 925


 nokia-asha-308Asha 308

nokia-lumia-1020Nokia Lumia 1020


nokia-asha-309Asha 309

nokia-lumia-1320Nokia Lumia 1320


 nokia-asha-310Asha 310

nokia-lumia-1520Nokia Lumia 1520


 nokia-asha-311Asha 311

nokia-lumia-2520Nokia Lumia 2520


 nokia-asha-500Asha 500

nokia-lumia-625Nokia Lumia 625


 nokia-asha-501Asha 501

nokia-lumia-525Nokia Lumia 525


 nokia-asha-502Asha 502 nokia-lumia-icon-929Nokia Lumia Icon

Asha 503

nokia-lumia-930Nokia Lumia 930


nokia-lumia-630Nokia Lumia 630



nokia-lumia-530Nokia Lumia 530


nokia-lumia-730Nokia Lumia 730

nokia-lumia-735Nokia Lumia 735


nokia-lumia-830Nokia Lumia 830


nokia-lumia-635Nokia Lumia 635

nokia-lumia-638Nokia Lumia 638

nokia-lumia-928Nokia Lumia 928

nokia-lumia-822Nokia Lumia 822

nokia-lumia-810Nokia Lumia 810


Planning on watching videos on your computer as well? Get HotStar apps for these other devices:Other Devices

Computers are great for sitting down and watching things, the perfect counterpart to the mobility of the smartphone. That said; if you have an iPhone, too, why not get both? Go with all three apps for the most consistent access and watch all your favorites to your viewer heart’s content.

Stick With HotStar!

Was this article helpful to you? Are you a current HotStar video consumer? If you answered yes to either of these questions, try subscribing to HotStar’s weekly newsletter for frequent updates sent directly to your inbox! Also check out HotStar’s pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus for even more updates (daily!) about HotStar’s growing supply of videos. The online world moves quickly, so keep looking often to be sure you don’t miss any big news. Keep yourself up completely to date by subscribing to the newsletter and following each of HotStar’s social platforms.

New TV shows, movies, and coverage of live sports becomes available on a daily basis, so viewing platforms like HotStar have to keep putting out new content quite often. So really pay attention to that inbox and your social media platforms to make sure you’re seeing all the new stuff.

Thanks for reading this article! If you have any questions about the HotStar Nokia Asha app, feel free to leave a comment below.

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