Download The Puffin Web Browser For Mac And PC

October 8, 2016
Puffin Web Browser For PC And Mac

Connection is an essentially important factor in our daily operation. This involves from home operations to office operations. We all want to be connected to each other and trendily get an explicit connection through our devices, be it IOS, Android, Windows and Mac platforms. Who would shy away from comfort? Or even efficiency and effectiveness? Fundamentally we all need fast connections with convenience, efficiency and effectiveness. A join up of software and hardware works in line and finally delivers the highly serviced end product. These connections can be obtained from the cooperation of your computer either on a Windows or Mac platform. This is where a browser comes in. It connects you to the rest of the world from commands issued by you.Puffin-web-browser

A Browser is the most interesting app on a mobile devise. Many people spend most of their time using a browser. We use a browser in a variety of ways such as to play our favorite games, find news, read information and even downloading useful files. A slow and inefficient browser really affects our experience with internet negatively and therefore it’s important to decide one that is able to give or deliver a top notch browsing experience and meet our needs satisfactorily.

The impressively fast web browser is proudly brought to you by CloudMosa Inc. the browser is one of the lately trending fastest browser on the two mostly used platforms that is IOS and android. Most interestingly it is a mind-changing browser if you have had a glance or use it ones in your attempts. If you are looking for a web browser that would serve you with the fastest and most amazing speeds, then might be on context if you are reading this. The few times I have used the browser, it has impressively proved powerful and heavily developed. It prides real time characteristics that might definitely pull anybody to make a try on it. One of the most thrilling feature is the included Adobe Flash over Cloud.

Since its inception for iOS and Android platforms, Puffin web browser has been one of the most downloaded and used browsers for web surfing on these respectable platforms. Puffin web browser comes with an in-built flash player and respectively entertaining the audiences on both smartphone and tablet channels. One can enjoy all types of content on the web, especially videos and online games, via Puffin web browser because of its great stability and strong coding.

Amongst the wicked speed and adobe flash support, Puffin browser features quite a number of impressive characteristics such as cloud protection, a theatre mode based for games and flash videos, a virtual track pad and gamepad, more add-ons such as Facebook, Evernote, pocket, a translator and many attractive add-ons too. In addition, Puffin browser also allows you to customize your side and toolbars and not leaving out the fully provided web experience allowing you to enjoy both a desktop view and a mobile view. Necessarily, not leaving out an incognito tab that enables you to auto clean your full browsing activities including the saved password and the browsing history.

Now, the celebrated Puffin web browser has come to Windows and Mac as well and downloading it on your PC or Mac is just a matter of time. You need to follow just a few simple steps to download Puffin web browser on your PC or Mac which are described as follows.

To begin with, first you need to download bluestacks app player that suits the version of your Mac or Windows. Install this software on your respective platform and launch it. Inside, search for the “Puffin web browser” in the search bar. Once located, install the browser app and then start using it on your PC or Mac.

Then locate the puffin web browser from all the applications in bluestacks. Launch the application. Enjoy your new browsing experience in your Mac or Windows PC. You are now good to go. You can happily explore the puffin browser world.

How To Download And Install The Puffin Web Browser For My PC and MAC using APK file.

This is very simple and fun! You just need to follow the following steps:

  • First, you need to download the Bluestacks App Player and install it.
  • Then download the Puffin web browser APK file.
  • Double click on the puffin web browser APK file and install it.
  • At this stage the APK file should be completely installed.
  • Find the puffin web browser by opening the Bluestacks.
  • Now click to open it.
  • Then you can use your mouse to control the app once it’s opened.
  • Finally, you can view and follow the instructions on your screen. Then you are good to use the app.

The Features Of Puffin Web BrowserPuffin Web

Experience The Web to The Maximum

As you have commonly noticed, web browsers and web sites are specifically designed basing on the device you are using. There is the mobile site and desktop site. Mobile users can only access the mobile sites to reduce the mobile resource consumption, whereas desktop or laptop users can access the desktop site. This limitation seriously denies a mobile user the explicit web experience that he or she would experience in a desktop view thereby ending up with a limited web experience. This has come quite differently in Puffin browsers. With a mobile, you can comfortably and accessibly reach out to the desktop site or view. Puffin gives all its users a first class product with explicit features with great compatibility both in Mac and Windows PC. Personally speaking I find Puffin Browser quite more enjoyable to use than the few browsers I have had a chance to use earlier. Not because it is so much new in the market or something, it is because of the fully fledged kind of products, and the explicit qualities that CloudMosa Inc. as a company features. I think if you have speed, compatibility, user friendliness are the things you look for in a browser, Puffin might therefore be the best browser for your windows 7/8/ XP/ Vista PC or Mac.

High Loading Speed

One of the most important aspects in a mobile browser is speed. Without a speed consideration a browser sort of loses marks. High speed adds to an enjoyable experience in using the web browser. Unlike other browsers Puffin browser moves data with the fastest rate you can ever imagine, you can say its speed is ‘Wicked fast’. Probably and from my experience, the Puffin kind of speed is one of the best when you are using it both in your Mac and PC, not leaving out the IOS and Android platforms. This browser releases a high amount of computing data center which process web pages at a faster rate and achieves quick page loading speed, which barely any browser has ever produced. The best part is that this incredible puffin web browser can also reduce network data usage alongside accelerating page loading speed. After using the puffin web browser for quite some time now, I have discovered that its speed is far more superior compared to many other in-built browsers and even on slow mobile connections.

Incredible Support from ADOBE Flash

How can a normal mobile device handle the burden of an Adobe Flash? Many people, most especially the smart ones keep asking themselves this question because they don’t believe this is possible. The answer to this question is YES! Normally and mostly believed, many clients and prospects have a belief and a notion that mobile devices are too weak to handle the sophisticated features of an adobe flash; with the puffin web browser adobe flash compatibility is very possible. If you’re reading this, the belief should come to an end. CloudMosa Inc. has not at all limited its customers and prospects in terms of their devices or even financial capability. It has altered the impossibilities to possibilities. Regardless of your device, puffin browser comes with a fine remote flash technology that gives you all the rights and chance to comfortably watch flash supported videos on the internet, be able to play flash supported games as well and generally enable you to access and make use of any flash supported content. When I talk of flash content and compatibility, it does not definitely exclude the low cost smartphones. Puffin browser is built to serve even the low cost smartphone users in its features. The adobe flash support is not only a high end smartphone feature, but even low cost smartphones can support this awesome feature. The Puffin Web Browse provides this unique internet experience without limits, I believe that for me to have incredible internet, I don’t have to be limited by my device or even my wallet.

Super-fast Java-script Engine

Puffin Web Browser is able to execute a faster five times more than all the other competitors at a closer range. This is obtained as a result of operating so fast on a server that has a memory of 768GB and 32 cores, moreover with an internet backbone carrying bandwidth Java-script of 10Gbps and a latency of 1ms towards other major websites. This browser is 1600% faster than other alternative browsers on IOS platform and 550% faster than all other in-built browsers present on iPad 3, this is after Benchmarking the Super-Spider Java-script. The puffin web browser hereby competitively takes the lead in the list of browsers that have mostly been used such as Mozilla and chrome.

Presence of an Ingenious Virtual Track Pad and Gamepad

The user interfaces for any normal modern touchscreen are very simple and intuitive. Many recent web apps for instance the Gmail app focus deeper into the behaviors of the desktop and the movement of the cursor. The virtual mouse technology which is included in the Puff web browser links together the desktop and mobile experiences. This is a wonderful experience since the user is able to activate the trackpad anytime using virtual mouse and use it the same way as a laptop trackpad.

At the bottom of the puffin browser there are three buttons that will allow you to bring up the trackpad using the scrollbar. CloudMosa Inc. features a Virtual keyboard and a gamepad which will appear to allow you to make the cut, copy and paste options. You can use the mouse cursor to navigate the web since it’s familiar and simple or you can even use the drag-and-drop functionality brought about by the virtual trackpad. When playing a game, you simply need to map any keyboard function to the buttons at the gamepad or trackpad.

Get Track of Your Bandwidth

CloudMosa Inc. uses a high end proprietary compression algorithm method of web data transmission. This method of transmission ensures you save up to ninety percent bandwidth basing this argument on a regular internet surfing. With this kind of bandwidth saving, Puffin Browser is able to easily and efficiently deliver its top notch flash content. This is basically because every flash content requires an extra bandwidth than the usual bandwidth usage

Other Features of Puffin Web Browser

The most favorite part is the fact that this puffin web browser is finger-friendly. Just a simple swipe from the right side of the window is able to display options to forward the browser, add a bookmark and even close the current tab. In order to switch tabs, open a new tab and go back all you need to do is to swipe in from the left side of the window. If you need to close the browser, double press the Back button of the device. Despite the above features, Puffin web browser also claims to offer an environment free from virus though not tested yet. Puffin web browser isolates the codes on cloud servers in a sandbox. This means that there are no malicious codes escaping its control to go near your PC or MAC.


In a nut shell, getting to connect to a site or connecting to reach another person on another end becomes quite hectic when you are using a slow and non-responsive browser. Before you consider taking up on a particular browser, you are required to put a few points into consideration. Most importantly, speed, user friendliness to enhance some sense of convenience, available add-ons amongst other essential features.

Puffin features very high speed which is mostly termed as a ‘wicked speed’: this name comes from the kind of speed that it uses to render and load pages. This is one of the catchy qualities that keep pulling its clients amongst other mentioned features that the puffin browser brags over many other browsers. If you are in search for the few captured qualities of Puffin browser, you can proceed to get a download and make things real by experiencing a new browsing experience.

We hope that Puffin web browser serves your web-based needs efficiently and would prove as a good alternative to traditional browsers like Chrome or Firefox.

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