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March 7, 2016
trafficracer modded apk

SK Games released a new update for its worldwide popular arcade racing game, Traffic Racer. For those who might not be familiar with the franchise, here is what we are talking about.

Traffic driver is a racing game. The player has to control his car through a dense traffic. Your journey will make you earn points whilst you are trying not to crash.

If you already played this game, even only once, you remember how addictive it is. The exciting part is about unlocking new cars to feel more powerful. With the game money, you can also unlock new maps, which will enable you to drive thought new landscapes. Still, for doing so, you need the game money.

All those who remember the addiction probably also remember the terrible frustration when you had to wait for more money to enjoy the fun. Indeed, every unlocking action costs a lot, and it takes a long time to gather that much money each time you want to experience something new in your game. Believe it or not, but in this new version of the game, you will get unlimited money to achieve all your goals and get all the different cars and tracks that you thought you will have to wait for ages to get. How? Just by downloading and installing the Traffic Racer 2.1 Modded APK version.

Follow our simple guide.

New features in the Traffic Racer 2.1 version

Let’s face it, Traffic Racer has a great design. Still, there is room for improvement. A room that the developers decided to fill with these new amazing 3D graphics. Enjoy your races like never before with beautiful surroundings and a much more realistic feeling while driving.

To enjoy these nice graphics, there are now four detailed backgrounds for your journey: suburb, desert, snowy, city night. Where would you like to escape to?

The main interest of the game is the feeling of driving a real car and the thrill of the crash possibility. Such a pleasure is only possible if you get the impression that you are really driving. In this new version, the car handling is more smooth and realistic, so you can just sit behind the wheel and enjoy.

Cars, the reason we are all here for. If you were thinking there was not enough choice, this update will make you change your mind. You can now choose between no less than twenty-seven different cars.

To make the game more exciting and full of surprises, there are now different game modes, five to be precise. You can choose to play the endless mood, or the Two-Way, the Time Trial, Police Chase and Free Ride. Whatever you are in the mood for, there will be one adapted.

Drive next to new vehicles such as trucks, buses and SUVs.

You can choose between a lot of different cars, but the personalizing possibilities does not stop here. You are now able to customize your favorite one with the basic customization tool and change its paint and wheels.

Enjoy a game that is always more connected, with the online Leaderboards and Achievements.

Experience more fun with the GPS quests. SK Games added the Quest feature of Google Play Game Services to Traffic Racer. Now you can complete new quests on a weekly basis and win great rewards.

Technical improvements

The files have changed location. As they could previously be found in the “Cloud Save”, you will now be able to access them in “Saved Games”.

For more stability and fewer bugs, the developers improved the Android 5.x support.

The update comes with the classical performance optimization. Nothing revolutionary, almost unnoticeable, but still a great improvement that will enable the game to run smoothly and you to enjoy it without cursing endlessly at your Android device.

Numerous other fixes and improvements on the game and its features.

As you have noticed, the 2.1 of Traffic Racer comes with its improvements and exciting new features. But to enjoy it fully, you will need to spend a lot of the game money. With great power of choice, comes great money-earning responsibilities. Still, do not worry about that since the 2.1 update comes with a Modded APK version that will provide you with unlimited money. And here is how to install it.

How to install Traffic Racer 2.1 on your Android Device

First, make sure you uninstall any previous version of the game, if you have one installed.

Then, you will have to download the Traffic Racer 2.1 Modded APK. Place the downloaded APK on your Android device.

Now, the technical part. Go to your Settings > Security > Allow Unknown Sources. By checking this option, you will now be able to install APK files from other sources.

Open your downloaded APK version and start the installation process.

Once completed, run the game.

It is pretty easy to install, but if you get stuck at any point, feel free to look for advice on the Internet.

Now that you have downloaded and installed your version of Traffic Racer 2.1 Modded APK, just sit back, relax and enjoy all this money, new cars and fantastic racetracks. We bet that you will not be able to take your eyes out of the screen. Still, try to take a break every two hours to rest your eyes and hear the sound of your close one’s voice.

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