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November 4, 2015

Looking at the outrageous quantity of smartphone adoption in the world today, all most every version of Windows after XP has come with basic drivers for all known smartphone brands in its system. However, in case a driver is not found for a specific Android smartphone in your Windows it at least has the ability to check for and download latest drivers for your smartphone via Windows update by connecting to manufacturer’s official site. But the downfall of updating your smartphone driver through Windows update is only that the drivers are generic and can only enable to connect the device and transferring of the data. You will not have additional features or utilities to get the most out of your Android smartphone. Here in this post I will tell you how to download drivers for all major smartphones that will be compatible with Windows and be able to bring more functionalities other than the basics.

Drivers for all major smartphone brands can easily be found on their respective manufacturers websites. You will only have to quote your model # on the manufacturer’s driver download or support page, make a search there for drivers, and you will easily get the most compatible ones with additional value-added software for your Android smartphone. Apart from above reasons, there is another major issue with generic Windows drivers for smartphones is that they lack in providing core troubleshooting or admin feature support. For example, take the functionality of USB debugging in Android smartphones which is crucial to mod your Android device, to properly run this function a generic Windows driver is just not enough.


USB Drivers For All Smartphones

In some cases, Windows Update feature is a complete flop in finding a suitable device driver for your smartphone that is indeed annoying as it wastes time. But by going on the official manufacturer site, you can easily download drivers for all major smartphones including for your brand as well. First, it saves you much time as Windows takes up a lot of time in searching through its update servers for suitable drivers (with no guarantee of finding one). Second, you will have additional utilities to avail as well which will boost your experience of using your smartphone with your PC.

So, I have compiled in this post an official list of drivers for all major smartphones that supports every latest version of Windows after XP. You can either go right from here by clicking on the links and or reach the manufacturers site yourself on the web. From there, all you have to do is to find the drivers for your model and install the drivers or any other optional utilities you may like to have. Here is the list of all the major smartphone manufacturers. Find drivers for all major smartphones makers.

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