Email Client Apps For Android OS: Top 8

January 31, 2016

Having a good email client app is incredibly important in this day and age since just about everybody communicates by email, for both professional and personal communications. If you’re looking at the possibility of having multiple email addresses to be accessed by phone, check out this article for the best apps for mobiles. The release of fancy email management apps in recent years has enabled people to step up their game with fun custom designs, tabs that categorize your inbox into personal and professional news, and, of course, the possibility of creating multiple accounts to separate family E-cards from work assignments. If you’re the type of person who receives hundreds of emails a day and feels tired just looking at an overfilled inbox, then divide and conquer is probably your best route to less stress. Read on to figure out which email client apps for mobile are best for your needs.

8. K-9 Mail

This is one of the oldest if not the oldest email client app out there, and you know what they say—oldie is goodie. That holds particularly true in this case because being out for a while means more updates, more chances to fine-tune the application. This is also a great app because of its simplicity and user-friendly interface. For a classic, streamlined experience, K-9 mail is an excellent app. If you don’t want to go too fancy for your email and/or you’re not picky about which email client app you want to use, this is a great choice.

7. Inbox by Gmail

Don’t get confused; Gmail and Inbox by Gmail are two different things. Cut from the same cloth, maybe, but they have their differences. Inbox by Gmail’s biggest feature is its mix of Google Now with new state-of-the-art email management functions, even though that isn’t the best part. The best thing about Inbox by Gmail is the newsfeed, which offers great new looks for your emails and email arrangements. Anybody who’s into innovative email technology will be into Inbox by Gmail. It’s great for those who have some experience with email accounts, since they’ll be able to navigate some of this app’s fancier features.

6. Gmail

Here’s the classic app everybody knows and loves, Gmail. With a clean design, an option to add other non-Gmail accounts to the app, and other nifty features, Gmail offers a diverse array of functions that’s hard not to love. You get an immediate notification as soon as you get an email, too, making the Gmail app wonderful from a practical point of view. It’s especially great for people who don’t like hovering over their emails or forget to check them periodically—the notifications make sure you know what you need to know when you need to know it.

5. Email Exchange + by Mail Wise

Many email client apps don’t offer a sophisticated Exchange support function. That’s not a problem here. Email Exchange + has great, reliable Exchange support, putting it a step above most other email phone apps. Perhaps its best feature is its organization. Email Exchange + places messages from the same sender in a connected thread instead of making you go on a scavenger hunt all over the inbox for each individual message. Those who need an email app that won’t stress them out don’t need to look any further. Email Exchange + by Mail Wise is where it’s at.

4. CloudMagic

The name might sound like a bad movie from the 80’s, but this great app surpasses its name. Check out some of CloudMagic’s tools—Asana, MailChamp, Todoist, Evernote, and others. The quirkiness of this app makes it popular with android app collectors and adventurous souls who prefer to venture off the beaten path. Check this one out if you want a fresher-looking inbox or if you like exploring a lot of unique functions and tools. If wanderlust were an email phone app, it would be CloudMagic.

3. Blue Mail

Blue Mail is a cool email app that offers a lot of different functions. It has a variety of email accounts—Yahoo, Gmail, iCloud, Office 365, and more—and it is extremely versatile in terms of look and feel. You can change settings to reflect your mood as often as you want, you can configure notifications (or not if you want a bit of peace and quiet). As with CloudMagic, there’s a lot to discover. Expressive people who enjoy sharing their feelings will love the mood change functions, so whether you’re an adventurer or a person with a lot of feelings, Blue Mail is equally effective for both.

2. Aqua Mail

There’s Blue Mail and then there’s Aqua Mail, so be sure to keep them straight! Aqua Mail is another email app that’s great for organization, and it houses Exchange, IMAP accounts, Office 360, and OAUTH2 programs. Tasker, Light Flow, and other applications give you all the help you need. Yes, Aqua Mail is really just a bunch of android apps rolled into one. It incorporates so many applications and functions that you can pretty much do whatever you want with your email account. Therein lies its greatness. The many people who can’t make up their minds over which great email client android app to pick would be wise to choose Aqua Mail—Even if it enables them to continue not making decisions.

1. AOSP Email

AOSP Email is your classic, all-around best email client android app. Why? Because it offers the greatest range of features and functions. You can add just about every type of email account imaginable. Regular updates keep AOSP Email’s interface interesting. But the single best thing about AOSP is its wonderfully proactive privacy settings. The app’s spam filter prevents security threats from reaching you, and it spares you hundreds of sketchy emails with atrocious spelling and bad links. Breathe a sigh of relief as this app finishes installing on your phone because you’ll be kissing all the worst parts of email communication goodbye.

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