The Quirky Shape Game Geometry Dash

February 29, 2016

Geometry Dash is a mobile and PC game created by RobTop Games. It has been downloaded about 40 000 times. There are two versions of the game. One of them is a free lite version, and the other is a paid version. The paid version costs two to five USD based on the platform players purchase it on. The lite version is readily available if players have no money to spare. Both versions of the game are enjoyable to play. The arcade-style platform navigation set to a groovy soundtrack will make players dance long after players leave the game. It is fun for everyone.Geometry-Dash-APK

Features of Geometry Dash APK Download

Geometry Dash features a fun techno soundtrack and colorful minimalist graphics. Its sound effects are unique, adding charm to the game.

It uses a real-time gravity system similar to the one found in Jetpack Joyride.

This game’s simple controls make it easy to understand but hard to master. It has action packed stages and rhythmic movement. Levels are short and addictive, making them perfect for killing time.

There is a practice mode to help players learn to tackle tough challenges.

Players can make their own levels and share them online.

Players can compete for the highest score using online leaderboards.

Prizes can be unlocked after completing certain tasks in the game. These prizes can directly affect the player character and help them do better at the game.

There are no micro-transactions in the game.

How to Play Geometry Dash APK

Geometry Dash lets players play as a square navigating through treacherous terrain to collect points. Players must dodge a variety of obstacles, from triangle spikes to ferocious saws, on their way to an exit. They can travel through coins and rings to get points or power-ups. In later levels, the platforming becomes more complex and traps are added to the mix. Electric barriers can only be crossed at certain intervals, and other obstacles can move and crush the square. Finishing levels quickly can boost a player’s score.

Geometry Dash borrows mechanics from old arcade games and combines them with modern controls to create a unique gaming experience. Flying, bouncing, and dodging obstacles gets more challenging the longer players play. The character is easy to control no matter what input a player is using. Tap on mobile or click on PC to control the square. When the game becomes challenging, going to the practice room can help players master the game. The practice room features short levels that focus on specific skills that can be used to traverse the levels. They help the player to improve rather than give up when they reach a difficult challenge.

The Community of Geometry Dash

An online community is available for Geometry Dash. It allows players to play with other people from around the world. The players can exchange levels with each other. Even if a player beats the game, they will never run out of content. The community levels can give him or her the entertainment he or she needs. Their experimentation with the level editor can help players understand the effort making a real level takes and help players to learn more about the mechanics.

Players are encouraged to play more by leaderboards. Any player can challenge his or her friends to a match or compete against the best players in the world.

RobTop listens to their players. They continue to update their games to add new levels, improve performance, and fix glitches. The RobTop team works hard to make sure everyone’s gaming experience is amazing. Their efforts keep fans happy.

How does Geometry Dash look?

Geometry Dash makes the most out of simplistic geometric shapes. It uses as many bright colors as possible to make backgrounds pop. Obstacles are always black, so they can be seen. Point and power up rings appear in different colors from everything else in a level. Each level has a unique color palate, making it stick in the player’s mind.

All of the objects have clean lines. That helps them stand out without looking pixelated. Even the menu looks fun. These simple graphics allow the player to focus on the gameplay.

If a player does not like playing as a square, he or she has the option to change into a costume. These costumes include a dinosaur, a Jack-o-Lantern, and an arrow. These options can be unlocked in the main game or bought by buying the full version.

RobTop is updating the graphics in version 2.1 to make them look more polished. This version will release in February 2016.

How does Geometry Dash sound?

Geometry Dash was composed with a lighthearted space-age techno feel in mind. There are seven unique tracks in the game. Each song uses synthesized instruments. They reflect the energetic and action-focused nature of the game by using fast tempos and clear rhythms. The music helps players time their movements correctly and lets them get lost in the universe. When new levels are added, new songs will be added too.

After playing the game many times, the music may feel repetitive. If that is the case, it is better to take a break from the game instead of muting it. The music is an integral part of the experience.


Geometry Dasg apk 2.0, 2.1 Lite Version Download Here

Is it Worth the Disk Space?

Geometry Dash’s apk is constantly updated to reduce lag, increase frame rate, fix exploits and create new and exiting things to explore in the game. The apk does not have any malware associated with it. It is compatible with iPhone, Android, and Windows PCs. Players should check the file for viruses before players run it, like players would with any game. Players will need to be online to take advantage of some of the game’s features. The game is a small file. It is definitely worth the disk space.

Please take a look at Geometry Dash. The game is an entertaining time-waster with a catchy soundtrack and addictive gameplay that will enchant young and old alike.

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