Gmail Vs Outlook: which is better?

January 16, 2016
gmail vs outlook

The communication age has seen a lot of change. Before the electronic mails came into existence, the only way for long route communication was a letter.

Now, the whole way of communication has changed. People can easily contact another person with an internet using electronic mail(in short e-mail).

For me, it was always Gmail as it offers the right features for my requirement. But, that doesn’t mean Gmail will be the right fit for everyone out there.

Another popular email service is Outlook mailing service. It is not new, and I have been using it for the past 2 years.

There are many points any savvy internet user would want to look into an email service provider. Productivity is one of them. Without an efficient email service, you will loose precious time and the overall productivity will be hampered. We will take that into consideration as well.

In today’s article, we will go through a detailed comparison between the two mailing services, Gmail Vs Microsoft Outlook.

Without much ado, let’s get started with the comparison of the two mailing services.

Gmail Vs Microsoft Outlook

Design and Aesthetics

Design and Aesthetics are important for a user stand point of view. In the end, you are going to stare at the application for the whole day and it should be nice.

Gmail offers good aesthetics value for the user. You can access all the major functions directly from the main dashboard. The service also offers two ways to handle the dashboard. If you are on a slow internet connection, you can load up the basic HTML version.

But, the better experience is on the full HTML version. You can also customize the background, information density, and can install a theme to personalize your working space.

Outlook, on the other hand, offers a modern clean look. Customization on Outlook can be improved as there are limited controls for customizing the interface.

Result: Gmail Win


If you are using your email service provider for any purpose, Security should be one parameter that you should never miss. Because, your personal and professional data are exposed if not properly protected.

Both the platforms are secure and trustable. Gmail users need to use “2 step authentication”.

On the other hand, Outlook users can sign in with the a single-use code.Both the security parameters are same in

Both the security parameters are same in the work process and offers protection from hackers, unwanted intruders or malicious code. The security also enables you to use your email from a public place.

Result: Tie


Our next destination is storage. In storage, Outlook has the upper hand as it comes with unlimited storage for emails and attachments.

Gmail storage is only limited to 10 GB.

In reality, no one really needs so much storage for email purposes, but if you like to exchange heavy attachment based emails, Outlook is for you.

Result: Outlook Wins


Most of us like to keep the inbox clean, and this is where we impulsively delete important emails. Also, not all emails look important at that particular moment, but might be required in future.

Email recovery in Gmail is 90 days from trash box. On paper, this might look great, but Outlook is where everything changes.

Outlook offers a “deleted box”. The box contains all your deleted emails. And, there is no limit whatsoever on the deleted emails.

Result: Outlook Wins

Attachment sending

Gmail offers 25 MB limit to the attachments. In practice, 25 MB is rarely used, but it can become an issue for video editors and other professional who rely on data sharing.

Google do provide an alternative in the form of Google Drive. You can upload huge files there and share it using links.

Outlook offers more freedom in this aspect. There is no limit on sending files and you can also use Skydrive(similar to Google Drive) for link attachments purposes.

Result: Outlook wins by a small margin.

Wrapping Up

In the end, there is no clear winner. On points tally, Outlook do look promising and if you are thinking of trying a new email service, then it is a perfect time to use Outlook and see what it has to offer.

Gmail is undoubtedly one of the leading email service platforms. But, Outlook seems to have taken the competition seriously and offers improved service.

So, which email service you are going to use? Comment below and let us know.


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