How To Share Screen Among Multiple Android Devices

August 16, 2016

Hey, it’s a fact that in this century the use and rise of android smart phones have increased significantly. However, with the rise of the smart phones privacy issues also arise. Most people usually have phone locks and passwords as well as patterns on their devices so as to prevent an authorized access of the android smartphones. However, the patterns and passwords used on the phones do not guarantee full privacy at all times. Have you ever wanted to show a group of friends or rather a bunch of people something on your androids smartphone without actually having to share any data with them? Most people have encountered this issue where they want to showcase apps, sites or even slides without actually having to share in data with the person they are showcasing to. As we all know sharing screen between android devices is not an easy task. However, several apps have been developed so as to simply this task by providing for easy sharing of screens among the android devices. Among the few applications developed, the best one is ScreenMeet.

Share Screen Multiple Android Devices

ScreenMeet is a secure mobile app, which was developed by Ben Lilienthal and Eugene Abovsky. The app facilitates secure transfer of screen among multiple android devices. So far, it’s rated the best secure mobile up. The application can be used by anyone upon signing up and downloading the app. additionally, it’s simple and easy to use.

Detailed below is a brief procedure of how to share screen on multiple android devices with the ScreenMeet.

First Download the Share Meet App

The first step with ScreenMeet is downloading the app itself on your android devices through which you want to share your screen with. Downloading the app is very easy and fast, you just have to ensure that there is an Internet connection on your device and then using download sites such as Google play store etc., download the app. After downloading the app, make sure that you install it successfully on your android devices be it a smartphone, tablet etc. The good thing with ScreenMeet is the fact that you don’t have to download and install the application to the other android devices that will be receiving your devices mirrored screen. This thus implies that the app is indeed easy to use and actually very fast as compared to other mobile apps.

  • Sign Up in the AppScreenMeet-Android-app-start-up

The second step after downloading and installing the app is signing up. One is required to sign up in the app as part of the security protocol. After signing up, you now have the right and authority to use the app. Additionally, by signing up, you agree to all the terms and conditions which come along with the app. Therefore signing up allows one to now enjoy the app fully. Upon signing up for the first time, one is usually given 10 free meetings with the app. A prompt will appear on the screen, which notifies you of the 10 free meetings. This is quite a good thing on the part of the user. This is because being a first time user one is usually confused about where to begin and staff and therefore the free meetings are part of a welcome strategy which makes one actually feel at home while using the app. additionally, it also saves the user money which would be used to purchase the subscriptions. Therefore, it goes without saying that ScreenMeet is an app, which is concerned about its users at a greater length. It is also an economical for one to use it. However, it is important to note that after the 10 free meetings are over, the user now has to purchase subscriptions for the consequent meetings.

  • Link So that You Can ShareShare-Screen-Android-ScreenMeet

Upon downloading, installing and signing up in the app, you will now see a link which indicates that you can now share your android screen with the other android devices which you want to share your screen with. The link will be clearly highlighted on your device along with the start button at the bottom so as start sharing screen. In order to start sharing, just press the start button and then confirm your action by again pressing start now. There is a notion among many people that the use of these mobile apps is very hard but on the contrary it’s very easy. Using ScreenMeet is actually even easier since the instructions are clear with emoji’s, which replicate the action. ScreenMeet is an app, which is very easy to use.

  • Link on Your Other Android DeviceScreenMeet-Share-Screen-Android

Upon screening the start button, the sharing process has now began. Once started you can now go to the ScreenMeet link on the other android devices, which you want to share the screen to. From the other device you can see the screen of your android device and you can move to other apps, which you may want to showcase. This therefore shows that the sharing process is actually a very simple and short process. Additionally, the process is very secure. This is because although the people can see your screen on the other android device, they are not in a position to control the screen. So they are only able to see but you want them to see. As we started above, many android users have loads of privacy issues and they like their smartphones being private. This app therefore gives that in a silver platter. One can still be able to showcase their android screens with others without their private phone matters being interfered with.

Once one started the sharing process, you can pause or stop the sharing from the notification bar. Additionally, if one wants to jumps back into the ScreenMeet app you can do so through the floating button, which is usually available on the screens of the android devices. It is also important to note that the mirror of your android screen on the other android devices usually depends on the Internet connection. If the Internet connection is very strong, then the mirrored screen will be of very high quality. However, if the Internet connection is poor, the mirrored screen will also be of very poor quality. It is therefore advisable that during the sharing process, always ensure that the Internet connection is very strong. This will ensure that the sharing process is smooth and actually fast.

Nevertheless, one can also go the ScreenMeet settings and use the slider between speed and quality so as to improve the quality of the mirrored screen. From the app settings also, you can also improve the security during the sharing process. This can be done by changing the shareable link setting a lock for the sharing link and asking a name when a viewer attempts to join your share screen room. This thus improves the security a big deal. The app also not only lets you share your mirrored screen with other android devices but also with any other device which comes with a browser. So one can share his or her android screen with other devices which do not use the android operating system but which have a browser. For instance one can share her android screen with an IPhone, Mac, and Windows PC etc. The app thus provides flexibility and it’s not limited to android-to-android sharing.

As mentioned earlier, the app is only limited to 10 free meetings in its trial and only 50 viewers. In order to enjoy unlimited usage of the app, one needs to subscribe monthly by paying 15 dollars per month. Also one can pay $1.99 daily to cater for only one day. The app is therefore economical and not all that expensive. Actually, almost everyone can afford the rates charged for the app since they are not too high for an ordinary person.

Advantages of ScreenMeet

Secure: ScreenMeet is an app, which is aware of the fact that many smartphone users value their phones security a lot. In line with that fact, ScreenMeet ensures that even when you are sharing the mirrored screen of your android device with another android device, the people viewing the other device do not view any other data or information which you don’t intend them to see. The app makes this possible by ensuring that you are the only one in control of what to be showcased on the other android device. Therefore, even though the other people are seen your screen on the other device, they are not able to control it. This thus ensures that utmost security is observed. is given control over their own “showroom” and therefore one is able to monitor his or her showcasing session. On top of that one can also kick out any abusive participant in the “showroom”. Unauthorized access by other participants can also be easily monitored. ScreenMeet is therefore the best secure mobile share app that we have today.

Simple and Easy to use: The app is also simple and easy to use. Additionally, it involves very simple steps, downloading the app, installing the app, signing up and then the sharing process begins. The app therefore is not complex and is thus user friendly and can be used by anyone.

Fast: The app is generally fast and screen sharing thus does not take a lot of time. However, it is important to note that the app is even faster when the Internet connection is very strong.

10 Free Meetings: Upon signing up, one is entitled to 10 free meetings with the app. This is a benefit on the part of the user since he or she is saved some money, which would be incurred on purchasing the subscriptions.

Flexibility: The app is both flexible and compatible. As mentioned above, you can share your android screen with other devices, which are not necessarily android, but they do possess a browser e.g. you can share your screen with a windows phone etc. This thus makes the app very compatible.

Disadvantages of ScreenMeet

Despite the many advantages that ScreenMeet has, it also possesses a disadvantage of the monthly subscriptions required. Although to some people the charges and premium rate are quite favorable, to others the subscriptions are a quite a burden. Some people feel that the rates charged are quite expensive. This thus pushes away many people from using the app.

Additionally, it’s at times very slow when there are issues with Internet connections or when the internet connection is relatively slow. Therefore some people usually feel that it can contribute greatly to time wastage. They therefore prefer not to use the app.


It is no doubt that ScreenMeet makes the sharing of screen among android devices epic and definitely a breeze. It is indeed the best mobile app when it comes to sharing of screen among android devices. It is a simple app, which is great and works very nicely. Customers who have used the app have given very positive feedback about it. Therefore, I would advise anyone who wishes to his or her android screen with other android devices to use the app since its rating is so far the best as compared to other mobile sharing apps.

According to me, the demerits mentioned above should not be a source of fear to those who want to use the app for the first time. Despite the worry that the app is at times slow, we should all bear in mind that the app is going over the internet and therefore the half-second to second delays are allowable. Therefore, this should not push anyone away from using the app.

To sum it all, the app has so many advantages among them it’s very secure, fast, user friendly, compatible etc. The merits are so many such that they actually overcome the few demerits here and there. I would therefore encourage everyone not to dwell on the few demerits that the app has, let’s focus on the many benefits that the app has to offer.

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