How to Get Unbanned from Whatsapp: 3 Whatsapp Mods

How to Get Unbanned from Whatsapp: 3 Whatsapp Mods
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Lately, it has been discovered by users that WhatsApp mods aren’t helping them getting unbanned from WhatsApp, and there’s no workaround to bypass the ban other than contacting WhatsApp. It works with some, doesn’t with others, so I still recommend you to try it if it works for you…

There’s a serious problem faced by many of the Whatsapp users:

They’re getting banned for 24 / 48 / 72 or even 120 hours!

And most probably it’s the same with you as well if you have used Whatsapp Plus!

Well, here’s the trick to get unbanned from whatsapp, but before that, want to know the exact reason why you got banned?

Why are you banned for using Whatsapp Plus?

The reason for this is quite simple:

You’re using an unauthorized duplicate of original Whatsapp without due permissions from the original company. And to reduce this number of duplicate usage of their own product, the official company started banning the users using Whatsapp Plus.

This makes sense. Whatsapp Plus is violating official Whatsapp’s copyright.

But, why are the users getting banned from the original app?

The reason behind this is:

Whatsapp cares about you, your privacy & your security!

Here’s a detailed explanatory guide from Quick Heal: The rise of Whatsapp Plus and should you install it?

If you got unbanned, the message that you saw would be this:

Whatsapp Plus is an application that was not developed by Whatsapp, nor it is authorized by Whatsapp. The developers of Whatsapp Plus and no relationship to Whatsapp, and we do not support Whatsapp Plus. Please be aware that Whatsapp plus contains source code which Whatsapp cannot guarantee as safe and that your private information is potentially being passed to 3rd parties without your knowledge or authorization. Please uninstall your application and install an authorized version of Whatsapp from our website or Google Play. Then, you’ll be able to use Whatsapp.

What if you’re not using Whatsapp Plus or any other third party Whatsapp Clone apps, but still got banned?

Not only using Whatsapp Plus, but the below reasons also can get you banned from Whatsapp:

  • Sending too many messages more then the specified limit to the users who have not listed you in your address book (the users have not saved your contact). So, make sure you ask all the users to add you in their contact list (posting in groups is not a problem).
  • If you are getting blocked from many peoples in a short span of time then there are chances that this is the reason for getting banned. So, send messages to known persons who have added you in their contact books.
  • Creating lots of chat groups and adding people who don’t know you (who have not added you to their contacts) can get you banned. So, create limited groups.
  • Sending the same message to a large number of people using Copy-Paste can also get you banned from Whatsapp. So, use Broadcast List to send the same message to large number of people enlisted in your contacts to be safe.

So, let’s move on to Getting Unbanned from Whatsapp if you’re permanently banned.

How to Get Unbanned From Whatsapp?

Now as you are permanently banned from Whatsapp, you’ll definitely need some workaround to get into the app again. Earlier, there was a way to get your quickly bypass the ban time using XMod Games Accelerator (as maybe stated in many articles), but as time passed, it was later reported from users that this method doesn’t works anymore.

So, the only way left now is to use 3rd party Whatsapp clones to get going. This would only fit in the situation where you’re permanently banned from whatsapp. Hence, it is not advisable to people who’re temporarily banned because these 3rd Party Whatsapp clones can’t be guaranteed. (Don’t worry, I ain’t scaring you; but presenting the truth to you. You can still use the below mentioned 3rd Party Whatsapp Clones, but at your own risk.)

If you’re temporarily banned from Whatsapp, the best bet is to wait for that specific period of time.

#1 – Whatsapp Anti-Ban Mod

Just after a few days of the Whatsapp’s ban back in January this year, the two great developers at osmdroid, Rafalense and Rahil have created an Anti-Ban Mod to get unbanned from whatsapp permanently! (Cheers to the developers!)

So, this can prove very helpful for you as this version will never get you banned!

There are other extra features of this Anti-Ban Mod version as well:

  • Make changes and apply your own whatsapp theme.
  • Immersive mod for Android OS 4.4 and above devices.
  • Permission to Change Icon notification color.
  • Upload Photos and Videos with no compression.
  • Maximum upload size 30 MB.
  • Material Design and much more.

Download Whatsapp Anti-Ban Mod

#2 – GB Whatsapp Plus

GBWhatsApp apk is another mod by GB Team that has all the features of GBWhatsApp in it but has the signature “com.whatsapp”. This mod will suffice all the need that you require from themeing your whatsapp to coustomising your privacy. Enjoy it all in this new ‘GB’ WhatsApp Plus.


  • Ban proof
  • Supports calls
  • Hide your ( last seen )
  • Privacy mods
  • New Themes
  • Change ticks/bubbles Style
  • Counter statistics for groups
  • Media preview without loading
  • Video size 30 MB
  • Send 90 images at once
  • 250 characters status limit
  • Ability to press on links on chat screen without save sender number or group admin number
  • Ability to press in links on your friends states
  • Distinguish between normal messages and broadcasted messages
  • Hide the name and the date when copy more than one message
  • The possibility of copying friends status
  • Change the app icon and notifications

Download GB Whatsapp Plus

#3 – Whatsapp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is the newly underdevelopment whatsapp mod, which after the ban is now continued for further development. Though this app users were banned in Jan 2015, the app has now developed one of the best WhatsApp No Ban Mode. Many popular Whatsapp modders are developing this awesome app, which can be used alternatively for the original Whatsapp.


  • Anti-ban
  • Fully customizable.
  • Extra Upload Limit
  • No picture quality reduction
  • Ad free
  • Quick Share
  • Partial Copy – Paste
  • Hide Profile Picture
  • New themes

Download Whatsapp Plus

So, which mod will you prefer to get yourself unbanned from Whatsapp?