How to Root Bluestacks App Player: The Complete Guide

How to Root Bluestacks App Player: The Complete Guide
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Bluestacks is one the most popular Android Emulator when it comes to installing Android on PC (as you already know).

But, there’s a downside:

It has lots of restrictions imposed on getting your favourite apps running smooth quickly.

And one of them is, you are unable to use or run apps for which your phone has to be rooted. This is one of the major downside of this Emulator.

To get rooted apps run fine on Bluestacks, you’ll have to root bluestacks just like the way we have to do it with our phones but, with a slight difference.

You can’t get your normal popular apps (apps that root your mobile phone automatically) to work on Bluestacks. As it is an Android environment created on Desktop OS, it’s not possible for those apps to create root permissions for Bluestacks (the way they use to do on your normal Android phone).

It requires a special method to do, which we are going to discuss in this article.

So, lets move on to the complete guide to understand how to root bluestacks.

If you root Bluestacks, you would no longer be able to install/access Google PlayStore. So as to counter this problem, all you need to do is, keep all the previous bluestacks data as it is; intact, and install bluestacks on that same data.

How to Root Bluestacks App Player?

There’s only one way to root your bluestacks app player (albeit, you don’t have to do anything in it).

All you need to do is use the pre-rooted version of Bluestacks directly.

Why can’t you yourself root Bluestacks App Player?

While it’s possible to root bluestacks app player by oneself, it’s not recommended to do so unless you’re too technical to get things done.

To root it manually, you’ll need to have a Linux distribution installed, and some ready tools which would help you to do so.

Here’s a comprehensive guide from one of the XDA Developers to completely root Bluestacks, although, it shows you how to root an earlier version of it (which is not guaranteed to work with the latest version).

So, you’re only left with using the pre-modded and rooted version of Bluestacks.

While none of these are official, Bluestacks would work absolutely fine. Also, the modded version means that there are additional functionalities other than the basic pre-shipped features of Bluestacks.

One such latest mod of Whatsapp is v2.0.2.5623 modded and presented by OnHax. (as of December 2015. More rooted and modded versions will continue coming as time passes)


  • Run Android applications in full-screen mode
  • Cloud Download
  • Ability to set an unlimited number of applications.
  • Play 3D games (cache).
  • Ability to set a launcher
  • Sync with Android phone
  • Phone’s technical settings editable
  • Install apps from PC
  • Rooted
  • FastBoot and Recovery option
  • Built-in Media Player to mp3, mp4 and audio formats
  • Clock, Camera and other accessories support
  • Advanced Calculator

Download Pre-Rooted Bluestacks Mod

Your Next Steps

Well, while rooting bluestacks is a little technical, many developers who work to make tech easier themselves take lots of pain to release out such mods and roots with additional features and functionalities.

So, take a second thanking them (virtually) while downloading the modded version of pre-rooted Bluestacks from the download link above and enjoy using apps which need root access to run, on your PC!

Would you like to have a guide to manually root bluestacks? What are your thoughts with this Pre-rooted Bluestacks Mod? Open up your thoughts in the comments section below.