What Makes IMDB Premium Most Resourceful Tool For Individuals in Entertainment industry?

May 26, 2016
IMDB Premium

If you are a film crazy, you would have experience the IMDb listing of the films you just explored for on the website. The IMDb list of movies tops the results dragged by the search engine, it’s undoubtedly a fantastic means that help the movie fans to see the cast, summary of films plot, release dates, trivia and lots of other information regarding the movies’ IMDb listing. Its advanced variety is in the business with the name of IMDB Premium. It offers an extended worth for individuals in Entertainment industry.

IMDB Premium

IMDb has accumulated over 3,109,500 titles, 6,263,500 characters in its databank and it have over 57 million registered users. These astounding statistics signifies the value of IMDB Premium. In the lines below we will look into the IMDB Premium network in detail.

What is IMDB Premium?

Since a couple of decades, it’s a favorite tool for showbiz related individuals such as filmmakers, screenwriters, actors, film journalists alike. IMDB Premium continues to display professional, subscription-based grid to acquire profound insights and priceless data into the entertainment industry, which you can’t get from any other platform.

It’s unchallenged databank and contact listings make it the top tool to connect you to the Showbiz celebrities. Contacts are the key to media circles, and IMDB Premium doing so with the exception. This is the platform film fans and journalists love to see for daily insider news and a comprehensive filmography. It’s a must have a showbiz industry standard system for those who already working in it or for those who looking to hunt a career in the showbiz industry.

Features & Usability

Pro Casting for Actors

In 2014, IMDB Premium has publicized the introduction of Pro Casting, this announcement helps actors to ascertain and apply for any particular roles, simply with browsing the entries for any pertinent auditions list in addition to castings for a movie and television serial.

With submitting their personalized IMDB Premium profile page against the pro casting listing, anyone can bargain his/her subsequent dream role.

This platform certainly helps actors to find out their role with searching the role listings, it also helps create their personalized IMDB Premium page that may show their complete resume with their past experiences.

Similarly, filmmakers to find their ideal actor with visiting the profile page of actors that show their skills, talent and other qualities eve.

IMDB Premium comprises a complete database of over 6 million individuals that include actors, filmmakers, film journalists and movie fans, in addition to this folder, it also comprises massive folders for approaching picture and T.V show names.

Finding The Representatives

People who involved in Showbiz are represented mostly by agents, IMDB Premium makes it effortless to find the right agent to deal the right celebrity. Similarly, Screenwriters can find alike writers with finding the agent of the writer effortlessly.

IMDB Premium Account Cost

IMDB Premium offers a Pro Casting included membership at $19.99 per month or $149.99 per year. You can create your IMBD Premium account by visiting their site and pick a 30-day free trial service to discover the features offered by the platform, it will help you to subscribe (or not to subscribe) their paid version.

You will better worth the network considering the views of some prominent personalities of relevant quarter for IMDB Premium  “IMDB Pro is probably the single most helpful tool in the tool box when I’m casting one of the leads in a movie,” claims Richard Hicks, casting director (credits include Gravity, Zero Dark Thirty, Game Change).

There’s nothing better. It’s the encyclopedia of actors. It’s changed the way I do the job.” said President of The Casting Society of America.

I use it as a quick reference for current film details as well as researching older films. If you want to drill down into older films and research credits it’s wonderful.” Neil Edelstein, Movie Producer/Director (Haunting Melissa, Mulholland Drive, The Ring, The Straight Story).

Sean Hood, a Professional screenwriter and director (Halloween: Resurrection, Fear Itself, Masters of Horror), said, “As a screenwriter, I find IMDBpro useful because it allows me to look at “in development” projects, which are precisely the ones I get hired to write/rewrite.”

The comments are telling the story, So, we can say that IMDB Premium  is a fantastic tool for individuals in the entertainment industry, and for all their worthy services they just charge $19.99/year, it’s a gift rather particularly for newcomers, who often looking for money at most.

It’s up to you to consider your talent and decide if you seriously want to enter into the entertainment industry? If so, the IMDB Premium account will be a great entering step for you towards the big screen, for sure.

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