How to Increase Wi-Fi Signal Strength on Laptop: 5+ Killer Tricks

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June 10, 2015

Having a Wi-Fi enabled device is very common these days which adds a comfort to our life but sometime adds a lot of issues as well. Because of its presence, we are getting dependent on the technology instead of data packs, Bluetooth or any previous one, and if something happens that stops Wi-Fi from working at its best, then we start feeling awkwardness.

The very common problem in this niche is poor strength of Wi-Fi signals. Literally, there are very few things you can do to fix this issue but still I am adding here few things you can follow to increase Wi-Fi signal strength on laptop.

Increase Wi-Fi Signal Strength on Laptop

The very first thing I will recommend you is to get closer to the Wi-Fi router, wherever it is placed. This is going to solve the issue for sure and I can vouch on this solution any time. In most of the cases, this is the real issue. Like any other technical device, Wi-Fi has its own range, pros and cons. If you are trying to connect to the network while staying out of its range, then it’s not going to help you.


If you are already in the range and still the issue is looking alive, then you can go through following things. Follow them one by one and according to the situation at your end and see which one works best.

#1 Add Omnidirectional Antenna

This is the first thing that I want you to do. Replace the normal antenna of your router with omnidirectional. You can easily find it over the tech store or at e-commerce website. Once you have replaced the previous one with this, then you will suddenly experience an increase in strength.

That’s because the normal antenna is capable of throwing signals in a single direction while the omnidirectional can do the same thing in multiple directions. Thus, it increases the strength in corners of your room which are getting poor signal strength.

#2 Use a Wi-Fi Adapter

The hardware and software of the Wi-Fi technology installed must be old and it is causing the slow speed issue. You don’t need to buy a new laptop or PC for that, rather just buy an additional Wi-Fi adapter. It won’t cost you more than a dollar or two, but it will do the job.

Make sure you buy a latest one this time. Add it in the USB port of your system and after installing its driver (firmware), it will begin working, like the normal one. You will definitely experience an increase in speed because of latest technology.

#3 Install Wi-Fi Repeater (Range extender)

You must have heard about this piece of hardware earlier. It comes with a price which is half than original Wi-Fi router (in most of the cases) and works really awesome. You can simply install this range extender on a location where Wi-Fi strength is poor. It catches the signals and repeat them further in a healthy state.

Thus, it helps in extending the range and can sort out the slow speed issue because of your distant from the router. You need to make sure that the extender is placed at a location which is capable of receiving some signals. If it doesn’t receives anything or get trouble, then it won’t fix the issue.

#4 Upgrade the Firmware to latest version

Every hardware needs a software named firmware which drives the components and is responsible for better working and health of the device. Just like that, Wi-Fi router also has its own firmware which needs to be updated with every latest and stable version.

You need to check for any fresh version launch on the official website of brand of Wi-Fi router at your end. Download the package and install on the system you are using (probably computer or laptop only). This way you will fix any software issue, if they were causing the slow speed.

#5 Install and Use DD-WRT software

Every manufacturer offers their own firmware but you can use third-party ones too. DD-WRT is an open-source software which is available strictly for Wi-Fi routers. You can install this software and it will replace the old firmware drivers. Once it does this successfully, you are promised to experience an increase in speed.

But, before choosing this method, make sure that the DD-WRT software is compatible with the model of router you are using. If it is not compatible then you shouldn’t go this path.

#6 Minimize the number of devices using Wi-Fi

Once we have this wireless internet setup at our place, then we end up connecting as many devices to it as we can. This affects the overall speed a device can get, because the router has to divide it up into multiple devices.

You can fix the slow speed issue by simply disconnecting all other devices which are not being used at a particular time. I am pretty sure it is going to do the job instantly.

#7 Change the channel

Yes, your wireless data connectivity technology make use of channels. A particular channel can also cause poor connectivity. Try changing the channel in your system and it may do the trick for you.

Over to you

Each of them is capable of solving the issue at your end. If none of them helped, then you should check the speed of internet connection at your end. Something must be wrong with the internet connectivity or the speed must be slow.

Do share your experience and also let me know which method you tried and worked or not. You should also share this guide with all your social friends to help them. Peace.

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