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May 25, 2016

If you ever find yourself without a decent smartphone, you’ll find the Internet affords access to an array of programs and applications that let you send messages and stay in touch with your friends. The major social media platform Facebook offers a messenger service that’s free and constantly updated with upgrades, and most of your contacts probably already use Facebook messenger, so that’s an easy out for many people.

However, as the ranks of Facebook’s user-base increase, so too does the number of objectors – people who don’t want to have anything to do with the data-mining, content-promoting giant, or at least people who’d rather limit their use of it. If you are looking for a genuine alternative to both Facebook Messenger and the stock text-messaging app on your smartphone, Whatsapp is probably the most serious contender. As well as the network effect – meaning more of your contacts are already signed up to Whatsapp than any other service – Whatsapp offers sleek design, unlimited free multimedia messages, and all the functionality and reliability of the apps you’ll be replacing.

It’s easy to download and install the laptop/desktop version of Whatsapp. This guide will take you through an easy step-by-step process to install and set up Whatsapp Messenger on your Windows (PC) or MAC computer. Follow these six simple steps to install Whatsapp now:

Download an Android emulatorBlueStacks-Software

Surprise: you won’t be downloading and installing a version of Whatsapp that is built to your computer’s specifications. What you’re going to do instead is download an emulator. An emulator is a program that mimics the environment created by a different operating system.

You can use emulators to turn your personal computer into a platform for playing Super Nintendo Games, programming code for an Android or iPhone app you’re creating, or – in this case – for installing an application designed to be installed in a smartphone OS. Although Whatsapp do make versions for use across half a dozen smartphone makes, let’s assume you want to download the Android version.

There’s more than a dozen Android emulators available to download for either Mac or Windows computers, so it’s ideal if you can choose one you know to be compatible with your machine’s specs. Work out what you mostly want to use your emulator for, and take a look at an online guide to the best Android emulators out there. If you’d prefer a suggestion, just download the popular Bluestacks emulator. Click the following words Bluestacks emulator download to automatically download it to your computer now. The page should automatically assess whether you’re using a MAC or PC and manage your download accordingly.

Install Android Emulator

Select and run the downloaded installer file for the Bluestacks emulator. This install works over your internet connection so follow the prompts and be patient while it works for up to a few minutes. Once the package has finished installing, you’ll need to do a quick system restart to finish the installation.

Download Whatsapp to your emulatorBlueStacks-WhatsApp-search

Start up the Bluestacks program and navigate to ‘app search’. Type in Whatsapp and, once the results have loaded below the search bar, touch the install button to the right of the Whatsapp label. The Whatsapp application will then be downloaded and installed onto your computer’s emulator environment, just as if you had downloaded Whatsapp onto your handheld Android smartphone or tablet.

Set up your Whatsapp account

After you’ve installed Whatsapp, you’re ready to set up your own account. Open up Whatsapp inside the emulator and sign yourself up for a new account by registering your Android phone number. (Note: if you have previously registered a Whatsapp account with that number, you’ll need to sign in rather than start a new account)

Once your number is verified, the app can be used from your desktop just like on your phone. You can send an unlimited number of multimedia messages to online friends and anyone else with Whatsapp.

Start adding contactsBluestack-Add-New-Contact

If you’ve chosen to download Bluestacks as your emulator, this process should be easy. Navigate to Settings (the wrench icon in the top right of your Bluestacks screen). Select ‘Manage Contacts’ followed by ‘Options’ and finally ‘New Contact.’ Adding any new contact profile will be reflected automatically in your Whatsapp list of contacts.

Benefits of using Whatsapp

Whatsapp has achieved the network effect across Europe and to a lesser extent the US, making it a necessary app for anyone dealing with students or online classifieds listings on a regular basis. With such a large user-base, the Whatsapp creators don’t tolerate bugs for too long, and the design and functionality are improved fairly regularly.

Whatsapp allows you to set up a group message or hold a conference chat, send videos, and even share your location. It is available across a range of smartphone brands: Android, iPhone, Nokia, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and even Symbian. This means that you can stay in contact with all your friends across a multitude of platforms without needing to parcel off your contacts list into different segments.

The founders of Whatsapp spent a combined 20 years working over at Yahoo! and walked away from that experience determined not to create just another ‘ad clearinghouse’. They describe advertising as a disruption of aesthetics, an insult to your intelligence, and the interruption of your train of thought. They also mention that any company with advertising as its primary source of revenue diverts human resources to gather and sell your data more effectively, rather than make a more effective product.

Because of this stance, Whatsapp is not free: users must pay a download fee. However, all messages are completely free, unlimited, and the enormous user-base of Whatsapp proves that a huge portion of smartphone users believe it offers a service worth paying for. Don’t think of it as ‘paid-app’ versus ‘free app’, ask yourself whether you’d rather pay with a few dollars or with constant discomfort and inconvenience caused by advertisements and knowing that companies are data-mining you. If you’ve already purchased Whatsapp via the Android Play Store in the past, you shouldn’t be charged for it again when downloading it through the Android emulator Bluestacks.

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