7 Easy Internet Browsing Tips to be More Productive with Browsers

7 Easy Internet Browsing Tips to be More Productive with Browsers
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Internet browsing and surfing is very common these days.

It gets worse:

Majority of us spend a lot of time surfing solutions to our problems, news, info and other things.

Actually, finding solutions shouldn’t have been such a tremendous task, but, whatever it may be, we can always recover the surfing time with some smart browsing techniques.

Let’s get started with some basic, easy to use, but effective Internet browsing tips to get productive with browsing:

  • Learn to Create New Windows
  • Tab-Based Surfing
  • Book Marks
  • Refreshing a Page
  • Full-Screen Mode
  • Always Try New Browser
  • Web browser shortcuts

#1 – Learn to Create New Windows:

You are surfing the web while use laptop or PC. Now you Want to open a link, but do not want to lose the already open relationship. There is no hard and fast rule just follow a simple step. Right click on the already opened link and select “Open in New Window” from the pop-up menu.

#2 – Tab-Based Surfing:

If you are tired up with too many windows on your desktop, then start using tab-based surfing or browsing. In tab based surfing you can use a lot of separate tabs in the same window; no need to open again and again different windows.

#3 – Book Marks:

If you like something while browsing the internet and doesn’t want to lose that. What to do? Where to keep for future? The easiest way is to save with you but how? Click the star on the upper right of the window. In this way, you can save that under the Favorite or Book Mark Menu. You can also organize them by making folders.

#4 – Refreshing a Page:

While browsing if you cannot open the page correctly and get stuck somewhere, Will you close the complete tab or window? No. Just click the refresh button in the toolbar on the left corner.

#5 – Full-Screen Mode:

You are reading an article, but it’s too small that you cannot read and also not enough space on the screen to view the page. That’s too much irritating. What to do now? Just select the full-screen mode and enjoy enough space for reading and browsing,

#5 – Always Try New Browser:

While browsing the internet, don’t stick or sit for the only one browser. Try to use different types of web browsers. All of the browsers have different features and speed. Few are fastest and few are slower, but all are almost right in one or other way. Now a day a lot of browsers are available. For example Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Firefox, Safari, etc.

#6 – Internet browser shortcuts:

  1. Press Alt + D or Ctrl + L to move the cursor into the address bar.
  2. Hold down the Ctrl key and press the + or -to increase and decrease the size of the text. Ctrl + 0 will reset the text.
  3. Press the backspace key or press Alt key + left arrow to go back a page.
  4. Press F5 or Ctrl + R to refresh or reload a web page.
  5. Press F11 to make the Internet browser screen full screen. Press F11 again to return to the normal view.
  6. Press Ctrl + B to open your Internet bookmarks.
  7. Press Ctrl + F to open the find box to search for text within the web page you are reading.

There’s a lot more to this…

Although these are some basic tips, they’re the perfect easy tips to get started with for the first time. On getting used to these, you’ll find yourself finishing your surf stuff faster than you use to do it now! For getting deeper into it, here are some other internet browsing tips you can use.

What are your thoughts on this? Know any other tips to improve internet browsing?

Featured Image Credit: 3at1honeydew.wordpress.com