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March 24, 2016

In the last year, working from home has been steadily on the rise. Though cell phones and tablets have been mainly used for recreational purposes in the past, this year more people are utilizing these electronics for their office needs as well. Many are running full businesses or working remotely from the convenience of their smartphone. A large amount of these people have Android because it is only a close second behind iPhone in popularity and holds its own when dependability is brought to the table. It is also much more affordable than the iPhone. However, in the past, the best apps were not available for Android.

With this need for dependable and flexible office apps becoming more prominent for Android users, there has been a mass of apps available to use, but only six stand out among the rest as the best office apps. When searching for an app that suits your needs in any field, it can be frustrating to weed through the customer reviews and options available to find exactly what you need. It is equally frustrating to go through the process of downloading and uninstalling the apps that claim to be more versatile than they are. However, these six apps are getting the best ratings and work the best for android users and their phones.

Docs To Go

This app is popular because it has many options that are convenient for people who do much of their work through MS office. Some of the best features include cloud storage compatibility, viewing of PDF files with ease, and the ability to access MS office documents from your smartphone or tablet. This app is also well-liked because it offers compatibility with presentations and spreadsheets. This is a valuable feature because many programs are not complex enough to support these functions and most businessmen and women need spreadsheets and presentations on a monthly or even weekly basis.

Microsoft Office Mobile

Microsoft gathers popularity simply due to its reputation for quality programming and versatility. Though this application recently switched from being free to costing a small fee, it is worth the money to be working in an environment that offers One Drive compatibility. This means that all of your data is backed up in a secure “cloud storage” program.

Google Drive

If you are not already using cloud storage for your important documents, you should consider the change. Cloud storage is much more secured than hard drive storage. Google Drive is the most well-known storage provider because it is secure and reliable for accessing your stored files whenever is convenient. Google Drive also has options to create files. Some of the best options are creating presentations and excel documents, as well as writing and note-taking. They also offer an autosave option, which makes it even more dependable because you don’t have to worry about losing all of your work if you lose power and Google Drive is free for android users.

Chrome Remote Desktop

This is application is great for people who wish to access their laptop or desktop from their android phone. If all of your work is on your desktop, you may often be in a position where you need access to your work, but you are not at home. This app does have a couple of downsides, however. If you do not have strong internet connectivity, you may encounter slow access to your computer and this app needs internet to complete actions. It does not operate when offline. Still, it is worth the download if you find you commonly need access to your computer’s files. Many people are currently splitting their time in their home office in half in an attempt to spend more time with their families. This option allows you to do that while still having the option to provide files to your clients or business partners while out and about.

Kingsoft Office FREE + PDF

This free app is climbing the popularity ladder because it is compatible with many of the well-known cloud storage options and it is available in 44 languages. With this app, you can pick the file format for documents you inputting and documents you are outputting. This means that if you are inputting a file that is a JPEG, but you want to change it to a PDF, you can do that and even change the format again before sending it out if it is easier for you to operate in that fashion. The ability to work in any format that is most convenient for you is a valuable feature. It also offers spreadsheet options, presentation options, and a desktop widget.

OfficeSuite 7 + PDF

This app is probably the top-rated among consumers because of its long list of unique options, the most popular being the option to change word files to PDF files. The initial download is free, but if you upgrade to the paid “Pro” option, you will have access to a multitude of extra features. This app boasts incredible speed and easy use. Some of their basic features include PDF security, compatibility with most of the top cloud storage options, and full compatibility with Microsoft formatting.


All six of these applications are built to offer you top-quality, convenience, and versatility. These apps are rated as the best office apps because they are proven to be so.

With all of these options available, you have the tools you need to do your best work either straight from your phone or when you are simply away from your main computer. If you are running your own business or working remotely, these apps are a great asset for completing your work efficiently while giving you all the options that a basic home computer would offer.

With all of these, it is important to do a little research on each one to make sure that it suits your needs. If you have a smartphone and the focus to do office work unconventionally, you can be successful from anywhere.

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