How to Fix USB Device Not Recognized in Windows: 4 Quick Solutions
External Drives are easy to use, sort of plug and play. But many-a-times, things go wrong and it shows a “USB device not recognized” error. There are many possible causes for having a USB Device Not Detected error which can’t be known unless specific symptoms are seen. Causes for the USB Device Not Recognized Error There can be many causes for… (0 comment)

Android vs iPhone: 16 Important Features Compared!
What’s better for you? An Android or iPhone? This is one of the most difficult question you’ll ever have while choosing a smartphone. Also, it’s a topic on which there’s an ongoing debate from several years – Android vs iPhone. Why Android vs iPhone? Android is an Operating System (OS) while iPhone is a Smartphone which… (0 comment)

Quick Way to Enable Hibernate Mode in Windows 10
Windows 10 hides some important features from you after it’s UI overhaul. And one of such option is Hibernation. Hibernation is a powerful mode that can save your laptop’s battery power keeping all your documents, programs everything open. So, Hibernation is like a shutdown state without closing any of your programs. Therefore, enabling Hibernation can seriously save… (0 comment)

How to Remove Sponsored Ads from Bluestacks Forever
Bluestacks initially started as a complete freeware, but, as time passed, it gained popularity, it changed from freeware to shareware, i.e. you’ve to pay to use this software. The recurring monthly fees of $2 is too much to use an Android Emulator software where there are many other Bluestacks Alternatives for free. But, you’re provided… (0 comment)

How to Increase uTorrent Download Speed: 8 Easy Tweaks
uTorrent is all the hype now. Whether you want to download a new software or game of size in GB’s or have a slow Internet speed or less time download everything at once, uTorrent is at your rescue in every scenario. It offers a free version, powered by Ads, which will pretty finely cater almost every need.… (0 comment)

Google Chrome Slow? Advanced Guide to Speed Up Chrome
It’s better if you’re here after visiting the Beginner’s Guide to Speed Up Chrome as those are the things which would give you the maximum impact (better page load speeds) and efficiency to Chrome. Time to go advanced! This article is geared towards some of the advanced tweaks that can be played upon Chrome to… (0 comment)

A Simple Tweak to Turn Off Windows 10 Automatic Updates
After Windows 10 was released, Microsoft made it sure that you receive every single update from them, even if you don’t want to. In earlier versions, you had the privilege to turn those on or off, but in Win 10, you’re just left with the option to choose how updates are installed. Why Are These Forced Automatic… (0 comment)

How to Run Multiple Whatsapp Accounts on Android
Although WhatsApp is continuously improving after every update, there are still lots of tricks that can be played over WhatsApp to have fun, get our particular work done and more. And these workarounds and tricks will continue to get implemented in one or the other way to get things done. One of the common problems we… (0 comment)