Pastebin Alternatives: 28 Free Text Saving Web Services

Pastebin Alternatives: 28 Free Text Saving Web Services
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If you’re a coding nerd, then you might already know what it takes to share your code snippets with the world.

Just a single online text repository service – Pastebin, right?

Yes, definitely.

With millions of people who’ve shared billions of texts and code snippets, Pastebin has just become their fancy tool to share their work with their peers and the web.

Right from their start in 2002, Pastebin has become a widely used word for sharing text and code snippets – Pastebin it!

But, along with it’s increasing popularity all these years, there’s happened something wrong with it..

Just like how the good geniuses shared their codes with the web through pastebin, there were some indisciplined genuises too, i.e. Hackers.

Yes, soon, Hackers started using Pastebin to deliver backdoor code.

Well, after the talk spreaded worldwide, the Pastebin userbase whatsoever became less.

And you know, there always exists alternative to every other service out there in the market.

Not 1, not 2, but there are more than 50 such online text repository services that stores text and code snippets.

And hence, we’ve chosen the best 28 Pastebin Alternatives, pastebin like sites that are better, secure and efficient.

Pastebin Alternatives – 28 Free Text Snippet Storing Services


ZeroBin is like the heavily armored sibling of PasteBin; a good Pastebin Alternative. You can still paste large chunks of text but that text is encrypted with client-side encryption.

Github Gist

Github is one of the most popular file storing services and it’s Gist is a simple way to share snippets and pastes with others. All gists are git repositories, so they are automatically versioned, forkable and usable as a git repository. A great trustable pastebin alternative.


SameText is a clean and easy to use Pastebin alternative wherein you’ve control over with whom you share your snippets and for how much time. SameText provides you a little nifty short URL which you can easily provide to the person whom you want to share the paste to. It’s syntax highlighting feature will automatically style your code according to the language you selected. You can also generate QR codes for your snippets.


Cryptbin allows anybody to share code snippets, error logs, and any other piece(s) of text privately and securely and even have the option to automatically expire after a set time. Cryptbin supports syntax highlighting for 70 programming languages as well support for Markdown, emoji and more. Links, Twitter handles and more are automatically converted to links. Pastes can contain multiple files in one paste and even allows image attachments.


Paste.ee is a free Pastebin with SSL, IPv6, and an easy to use API. This pastebin Alternative was built for the users, by a regular pastebin user, providing the experience users deserve without advertisements or paid features.


Have you ever wanted to send an article or long conversation over IM or post to Twitter, only to have it be over the character limit? That’s what TinyPaste is for. The Firefox addon lets you right click on any selected text to save it; you can also enter text into the pastebin on TinyPaste’s website. It automatically presents you with a link to share your text with other users.


A simple and pretty pastebin where all you start with is your code or text and end up directly saving it. No hassles, quick and direct to the point.


Pastie is another paste code service which is completely anonymous. Clean user interface with sensible defaults. It has a very good syntax support.


Snipt has always been the best place to store and share your code & command snippets, but with the introduction of Markdown syntax support, we realized that Snipt would also make an amazingly simple blog engine and pastebin alternative. Long-term memory for coders to share and store code snippets.


Chop was created to help make code reviews fast and fun. It only takes four steps to get going; Grab some code, Chop it, Add your feedback, Share with peers.


PasteFS is a modern Pastebin Alternative that’s clean, elegant and minimal. One of its impressive feature is that it gives you the ability to upload files from your PC so that you can quickly share your code snippets or info with anyone you like. You can control your thread from being public although you’ll need to make an account and log in for it.


Uncluttered programmer pastebin alternative with user preferences, online since 2006.


Create and publish plain text containing links. No login required – create and share right away.


Snipplr was designed to solve a simple problem. All of our code snippets are stored in one place. Best of all, the other guys at work have access to each others’ code library.


In short, a clean, smooth, and perfect pastebin. All you need to do to get started is start typing and Save it. That’s it. You can later share the URL with anyone you like.

Bit Message

BitMessage, a BitText initiative is a simple service, that stores messages for you. In exchange to a stored text, you receive an ID token, that every user can use to get the message.


Slexy.org is a powerful, slick, and sexy pastebin designed with the user in mind. Use Slexy.org to paste errors for debugging, show off your code or your tech specs, or share anything else with other Internet users worldwide.


A pastebin for the security-minded : https & encryption out of the box. Pastes are not listed for added privacy and Paste IDs are carefully chosen .i.e. no incremental IDs. Lots of other goodes: cli client, API, own url-shortening etc.


Climbi help you to share your code easier in a beautiful way. Just copy-paste your code and save it, voila! Your code is ready to be shared to everyone around the world.


Very simple webpage with a simple textbox, a checkbox for selecting one of several languages and an option to make it private and to run the code or not.


Ideone is like a pastebin and more of a “online mini IDE and debugging tool” like no other on the Internet.

Friend Paste

One of the very old pasting service that has clean an intuitive user interface, choice of color scheme for source code, selection of preferred language, possibility to edit pastes, support for a large number of syntaxes, persistent pastes, difference between paste, instant reviews and more.


0bin is client side encrypted pastebin that can run without a database. It allows anybody to host a pastebin while welcoming any type of content to be pasted in it. The idea is that one cannot be legally entitled to moderate the pastebin content as one has no way to decrypt it.


A remarkable online markdown editor. – Auto Save and Resume, Live Preview, Upload Local File, HTML to Markdown, File Sharing, One Click Download, Evernote Intergration, Save to Dropbox, Post to Tumblr.


iPaste.eu is a web application that allows you to store and share code snippets and any textual information with other people.


Next-generation Pastebin – collaborative developing and debugging. The system currently has a 3,500 line limit for posts, which should be more than enough for most people’s needs.


CryptoBin is a secure pastebin service with origins dating back to 2005 as a privately used project. After noticing the lack of a public secure, stable and clean pastebin service, CryptoBin was re-coded and launched publicly in May 2011.


Killr is the one of the most intuitive, quick to use, and beautiful pasting and collaboration tool available. All you need to do is, add a paste, share the link. others can modify creating new branches of your paste. You can even upload from the commandline with a simple script making it even easier to find help for computer problems when others can modify your paste for you. Instant code highlighting, full panel interface. No advertisements.


Pastebin has some of the best alternatives out there which provides some extra cutting-edge over Pastebin which are far more better than it.

Which one is your favourite Pastebin alternative amongst these? Do you know any other sites like Pastebin?