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These Prank Websites Will Fool Your Friends

Have fun with friends by getting them to use prank pages. Here’s our list of the best of the bunch.

You Broke Google!Google-Zero-Gravity

Does the friend you want to prank play way too much Tetris? Do they like things that are a little more challenging than they need to be? Maybe their entertainment threshold is a little too high? This prank website is a wonderful way to enjoy Google search’s homepage from a fresh perspective. The best part is that when the page initially loads, everything seems perfectly normal. It’s only after a few seconds – once your friend starts interacting with the page – that everything starts to go horribly wrong. The page is still fully functional, just very different from normal. The best way to enjoy pulling this prank on a friend is to find where they keep a shortcut or bookmark of the Google search start page, and then secretly swap is out with the link below:

Copy this link and try out Google Gravity for yourself!

Send convincing fake news stories to your friends on Facebookfake-facebook-stories

This amazing website lets you quickly and easily create a totally bogus news article and share it on Facebook. They provide logos of respectable companies, and you provide the major details. With the kind of absurd news stories that make it to broadcast these days, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to convince your friends with this site. Even some really ridiculous stuff is likely to believed by some people when you can make it look this official!

Visit the site here.

Where’s WaldoWheres-Waldo

Also known as Where’s Wally for any Australian readers out there. This is an online version of the classic book and TV franchise of Where’s Waldo. If you’re feeling nostalgic for some good clean nineties fun, this prank website is where it’s at. In the books and on TV Where’s Waldo was always hard enough to find, and in those cases he was standing still – you won’t get any clues on how this prank website works, so you better go and find it for yourself.

Visit the Where’s Waldo prank website here.

Maze GameMaze Game Prank

Maze Game is the best possible way for you to get back at that friend that scared the life out of you. The maze graphics are simple and not unlike Pac Man – you’ll easily fool your friend into thinking that they’re just playing an online flash game. Mwa-ha-ha. Once they’re really focused on the screen, the site produces an excellent jump scare, which should make anyone not suspecting it hit the roof. The jump scare moment feels really random too, so if you just like scaring yourself, you can play this one for a pretty long time before it stops being terrifying.

Play the Maze Game if you dare.

Future of NewsFunny Future news

Another fake news website. This prank website has all the most unbelievable fake news already written, so it requires less creativity than, but offers the same kind of fun. It’s definitely possible to con friends into thinking that this prank site is a real news source, especially if you just link them a few articles one at a time. You could try contributing your own completely bogus news story with a personal touch – if the site thinks it’s funny enough to publish then you could end up with a very personalized way of pranking a specific friend.

Check out the real fake news of the future here.

Prank CallFunny Prank Calls

Woah, the nineties called and they want their edgy and frustrating but non-threatening prank calls back. Do you remember that prank call show that acted out all the voice bits with puppets? This prank site allows you to type in almost any number and send hilarious recorded prank call content to your unsuspecting friends. Prank Owl is extremely good for a laugh.

Check out some absurd Prank Calls to send your friends here.

Unreal and Shocking PhotosFake Photo Affects

This site isn’t the pay-off itself. You can use this prank site to create images using photos of yourself or friends. You then use the unreal and shocking images you’ve created to astonish or terrify, depending on your preference. You can use the fantastic tricks and features of Fotor to make it look like you’re levitating or like your face is coming part in a hallucinogenic nightmare. Think of Fotor as an online Photoshop analogue that gives you access to loads of editing features, cool finishing filters, and plenty of inspiration to get you started on your own stunning or wacky creations.

Try Fotor for free.

WhatsprankWhatsapp Prank

You know those unbelievable screen shots of people accidentally sending horrific messages to friends and family? They’re some of the best and funniest treasures that the Internet age has to offer. You shouldn’t have to miss out on the fun just because you’re way to sensible to actually confuse your mum’s number with your mates’.

Whatsprank allows you to create flawless fake versions of whatsapp messages that have never happened in real life but will absolutely freak out your friends.

Get pranking now with Whatsprank.

Fart ScrollFart Scroll

It’s like a coffee scroll but infinitely worse. Well-respected comedians agree that no matter how incisive your politics or shocking your depiction of the gender imbalance, there is still pretty much nothing funnier than a fart. This ultimate prank website gives you a quick little chunk of code that you can paste into a website’s code. Once live, the website will now make cute and/or horrifying fart noises as your friend scrolls down the page! The best part of fart scroll is that it’s quite difficult at first to tell what is generating the fart sounds – are they hovering over the wrong text? Did they hit the wrong key? What’s going on?

Fart Scroll is a great way to get back at friends who are always asking you to tidy up the code on their website but never fully appreciate all your hard work, or the fearsome powers you wield.

Enjoy hours of laughter with Fart Scroll.


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