How to Remove Sponsored Ads from Bluestacks Forever

How to Remove Sponsored Ads from Bluestacks Forever
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Bluestacks initially started as a complete freeware, but, as time passed, it gained popularity, it changed from freeware to shareware, i.e. you’ve to pay to use this software.

The recurring monthly fees of $2 is too much to use an Android Emulator software where there are many other Bluestacks Alternatives for free.

But, you’re provided with an additional option to install their sponsored apps and continue using Bluestacks.

Let’s move on to removing these sponsored ad popups from Bluestacks.

A Simple Tweak to Remove Sponsored Ads from Bluestacks Forever

Even after those sponsored ads, if you still like Bluestacks and want to continue using it without facing those sponsored ads popup (either pay $2/month or install their sponsored apps), here’s one of the simplest way to remove ads from Bluestacks:

Steps to Remove Sponsored Ads from Bluestacks:

  1. Download and Install Open Root Explorer in Bluestacks.
  2. Navigate to Open Root Explorer in Bluestacks -> Data -> Downloads.
  3. Find a file named S2P.apk and delete it.
It’s not a compulsion to use Open Root Explorer. You can use any of your favourite File Manager/Explorer as far as it contains the required features to delete the file. Make sure you first copy and save this S2P.apk file somewhere on your PC (as a backup if something goes wrong).

Download Open Root Explorer

If you’ve an older version of Bluestacks:

The directory of Data/Downloads is only found in Bluestacks later than v0.9.24.

Steps to remove sponsored ads if you’ve a Bluestacks version older than v0.9.24:

  1. Start Open Root Explorer -> System -> App.
  2. Delete S2P.apk.

What happens when you delete the S2P.apk?

S2P.apk is a synchronizing service with automatically syncs to the Bluestacks servers that contains your account information, whether you’ve paid for using Bluestacks or not, etc. so, deleting this app will stop syncing to the Bluestacks servers and as a result, you’ll never receive those sponsored ad popups forever.


Removing sponsored ad popups from Bluestacks is quite easy. So, get rid of sponsored ads in Bluestacks easily within minutes!

Do you know any other way to remove sponsored ads from Bluestacks? Let us know in the comments below.