Repairing Your Damaged SD Card

September 19, 2015
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Do you happen to suffer from the irritation of “Damaged SD Card” error in your Android phone often? The error further prompts you to format your SD Card which is in itself another almost impossible task for to execute. Why? Who would want to destroy all his precious data in one go so easily? Well, for such users today I will disclose a way by which repairing your damaged SD Card would be a huge possibility, if not surety. However, you should keep in mind that formatting will ultimately be a possibility if the card does not managed to repair. So let me tell you how you can repair your damaged SD Card.

Steps For Repairing Your damaged SD Card

In order for you to fix up your SD card, a PC and a connector to your mobile phone is required. We will be fixing up the card through general Windows dos commands that are highly efficient in fixing corruptions of many file system errors. When you connect the card to your PC it will either read the card fine or won’t read it at all giving the error of “unable to access: [Drive Letter]” on your screen. In case the card is accessed, you can hunt down the weird corrupt files in your SD Card that might came from the web or other devices, they might possibly be viruses as well (you will be notified if you have anti-virus installed).

Now, after deleting the unwanted files from your card, right click on your card and select properties and go to the tools tab. At the tools tab look for “check drive errors” and attempt it. Often it happens that Windows don’t run a drive error check while windows is running so if it prompts you to schedule a check on restart, attempt it and keep your card connected to the PC. For a more thorough and in-depth checking, you can select “scan for and attempt the recovery of bad sectors”, which will definitely require a long time to finish so you must be patient. If the card still shows error in the phone then only formatting is the answer for it.

Now, if on the firsthand you won’t be able to access your SD Card on the PC you should seek the help from Windows elevated command prompt. To initiate repairing your damaged SD Card through elevated command prompt, go to start many and in the search box type “cmd” and when you see its icon open it. This is the important step now, before initiating a repair, you need to know the logical drive letter of your SD Card in the PC so look at it by going into my computer where you can see its drive letter with this sign : and the icon of a card will be visible. In case there was no icon displayed you have to logically locate your SD Card.

The way is that since C: is the primary partition and you have four partitions of your hard disk then the second one will be D:, third E:, and the fourth F:, in an alphabetical format. In case of four partitions then your SD Card will be G: and the alphabet will continue depending on the count of hard disk partitions you have.

Now, after you have located your SD Card you need to type this switch in elevated command prompt: chkdisk /X /F and your SD Cards drive letter and press enter. Now wait for the scanning to complete. After the scan is finished you should be able to readily access your SD Card and use it agreeably well right back in your phone. However, repairing your damaged SD Card in the above mentioned ways might work for some while none for some others so in case all of this fails, buy a new SD Card and try to recover the data from the old one.

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