Reverse Email Lookup: How To Find Email Sender’s Identity And Location

June 27, 2016

In a time where many interactions are now based online instead of face to face, sometimes it’s hard to trust the people you’re working with because you know next to nothing about them. Luckily, the service called, “reverse email look-up” is available to everyone with an Internet connection. Before going ahead with the procedure of finding out the location and identity of a person behind an email address, let’s explain the term “Reverse email look-up” in some easy words.

What is Reverse Email Look-up?

Reverse email look-up allows you to discover the real identity of a person and many other information that you will not be able to guess by looking at the email address provided to you. However, every email may not be linked to an individual’s information 100% of the time. Sometimes, someone may be contacting you via a work email, which may not be connected to an address or any information at all. Additionally, if the person has typed false details when signing up for the email from which he has sent you the email id, then you will not be able to do anything.

Here, I’m sharing some of the simplest ways to find out email’s sender location and identity. If you Google search the keywords, “reverse email look-up,” you will find many options to find out the information behind the email address, but there are also some more less-known, and even more convenient ways to reverse search email addresses. So, let’s get into the steps in order to reverse search emails.

Let’s say the email address is (It’s not an actual email address, but let’s pretend that is my personal email address, connected to my personal information).

Now, you’ve got an email from me, and my email address s provided, but I didn’t provide my name, and you wanted to know who to address the email to in order to avoid any awkwardness in addressing me, such as in a greeting or in pronoun matching to my gender. Therefore, you decide to conduct a reverse email look up to discover who the person is behind the email.

Facebook Reverse Searchfacebook-reverse-email-look-up

The first, and simplest, method that you could choose to employ is to use Facebook. Facebook is widely known as the largest social network across the world, with over a billion registered users. Therefore, there is a very large chance that the sender also has a Facebook account.

In order to reverse search-using Facebook, just copy the email ID sent to you and put in the Facebook search bar. So, if anyone creates any account from this email address, Facebook will show you the profile of that user, and this will give you some information, such as the person’s gender, name, and even some of the interests of the user, depending on how much is made visible to the public.

As, you’ve reached me by following the initial step; you do not need to do anything but to check out my Facebook profile in order to know more about me. However, what if I didn’t have an account on Facebook? Here is what you can do in that case.

Tools to Reverse Email Search:

Here are 3 best free tools available right now for running a reverse email search:. Name are below: EmailSherlock, Pipl and Spokeo.


EmailSherlock makes it easy to figure out who is sending you an email, in order to learn more about that odd email address you found in your address book, or perhaps when you are debating whether or not to respond to an email address in connection with an online ad. EmailSherlock is completely free, and can keep you from getting scammed from fake email addresses asking for personal information. You can search for Yahoo, Google or Microsoft based addresses.


Individuals use Pipl to find other people, to get connected with old friends or networking with work associates. There are three products linked to Pipl, including People Data API, Contact List Enrichment, and the People Search Engine. Pipl does cost a little bit of money, but it’s more useful for Business Connections than for personal use, and the community is very up-and-coming, and is incredibly involved in nationwide charities and making your business connection process as streamlined as possible.


Spokeo is a people search engine, a virtual white pages, and organizes all the records of the people that you may need to learn more about into an easily accessible format, and keeps you safe when you try and learn more about the people around you. They are focused on helping people reconnect with others, and unlike the other platforms, you can perform a search based on the individual’s name you are trying to find out more about, their phone number, their email address, or their social media handle.


One important tool that we did not declare yet is Rapportive. It’s a service that works just with Gmail. Also, it includes a very lightweight browser extension that you need to install in your browser.

After the extension installation, when you open any email ID, it’ll automatically return the LinkedIn profile details of the sender of that email ID on the right hand side. Hence, if it does not show anything, you could be certain that the sender does not have a profile on LinkedIn.rapportive-kapil-jindal-reverse-email-search

After following all these steps, chances are really high that you’ll find out email sender’s location and identity because once you’ve found any of their social media account; you can simply find out their other details as well as it’ll be stated on their social media profiles.

If none of the tools work out for you then you should know that the email address contains fake details and it cannot be tracked, as there is no possibility that a person doesn’t have a profile on any of the social media. You can stay secure by blocking and deleting the sender.

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