How To Scan QR Codes Via Android Smartphone

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October 30, 2015

QR codes might be one of those rear things which we can locate printed upon almost everything, even the most personal ones. These little too-much-pixelated squares might seem silly to you but in reality they sometimes hold very crucial information’s. One of the examples can be the discovery of a password, special links, contact info, etc. So, due to the important info they have QR codes are made in such a way so that no person can actually identify what’s written inside without any technical help or know how. Behold! We live in a technological era where everything seems possible if you just have commitment and dedication to do it. With such enthusiasm, today I am going to tell you how to scan QR codes via Android smartphone which most persons have today in their possible reach. So let’s start on this mysterious hunt for revealing QR codes.

How To Scan QR Codes Via Android Smartphone

You never know how powerful an Android phone can be, right? Well, as we will explore today the broadness of an Android’s technological capabilities, and among them importantly to reveal essential info’s; there exist but a variety of means with which you can actually decrypt a QR code from your Android phone. To execute this purpose, you need to download and install any QR code scanner app you like into your Android phone. For my part, I enjoyed playing this wild-goose chase with QR code Reader app that is both convenient and a free service. So how to scan QR codes via Android smartphone using QR Code Reader app? Here’s how.

  • Download QR Code Reader app and run it.
  • Point the camera to a QR code.
  • QR Code Reader will now scan the code.
  • After few seconds, the app will decode the hidden info.
  • It will ask you what appropriate action to take according to the content such as save contact if it’s a contact info.

Done! This is how to scan QR codes via Android smartphone by using the app QR Code Reader. However, you can certainly use any app for code scanning you want as the above app was my preferred but should you like it to use QR Code Reader then who’s stopping you? Of course, the procedures of every app would be dissimilar but a little bit of research on its use on the web will enable you to finally divulge the hidden message. Let us know your opinion in the comments below or share with us your tips for any other possible ways you see to break down QR codes?

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