2 Easy Tricks to Send Blank Message on Facebook

2 Easy Tricks to Send Blank Message on Facebook
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Most of the times, Facebook is your ultimate weapon to kill your boredom, right?

Chat, Upload, Like, Post…there’s a lot to do.

But sometimes, it still feels boring.

So, here’s a cool trick to be played on Facebook to kill your boredom – Sending Blank Messages.

Why would someone send blank messages?

A blank message? What does it really stands for?

It stands for Nothing!

But still, there can be reasons why you would like to send a blank message.

Reasons why someone would send a blank message:

  1. Indicating that the person has no words to convey his emotions and is gradually speechless.
  2. The post, status or the message is just not worth replying.
  3. An indication that the person has read the message.
  4. Indicating that the person doesn’t wants to reply any messages furthermore.

You cannot send a blank message on Facebook with a Spacebar

It would have taken you quite long and hard to believe that you cannot send empty messages on Facebook with a Spacebar. (Alas!)

Although sending blank message on whatsapp can be done using some extra special characters which aren’t parsed by Whatsapp, Facebook is better at this as a web application.

No matter how hard you try to send the message with a single spacebar, you will never succeed at sending a blank message with it.

So, what does it takes to send a blank message on Facebook?

#1 – Blank Character

This method creates a blank character which parses as an empty string and is the sent to the receiver.


Steps To Send Blank Message On Facebook:

  1. Open Facebook -> Messages. Select any one friend from chats.
  2. Type “Alt + 0173” without “+” sign. (Don’t leave the Alt key till you finish pressing 0173)
  3. Press Enter.

Send Blank Message On Facebook

That’s it. You’ll see that a blank message sent to your selected contact in chat box. This simple keyboard shortcut is actually your key trick to send blank messages on Facebook.

It works everywhere; whether you want to send blank message in chat or add a blank comment or add an empty status.

#2 – Using Noword Android App

Noword is a super simple Android application that sends a blank message from your Facebook Messenger in a single tap!

All you need to have is Facebook Messenger app installed on your Android smartphone.

Steps To Send Blank Message On Facebook Using Noword App:

  1. Log into Facebook Messenger app.
  2. Install and open Noword App –> select Messenger –> select a friend from the list to send blank message.

With this done, you’ll see an empty message sent to your selected contact in the chat box. Enjoy!

This app can only help you send blank messages in Facebook chat, not in status or comments.

Download Noword – Empty or Blank Message App

Which method do you prefer to send blank messages on facebook?