3 Amazing Ways to Send Blank Message on Whatsapp

3 Amazing Ways to Send Blank Message on Whatsapp
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You’ll have to admit it:

You can never send blank message on whatsapp.

The brutal truth is:

No matter how much you try, you CANNOT fool whatsapp!

Even a blank space won’t work.

But, here’s a new trick to send blank message on whatsapp in chats and statuses to surprise your friends.

What forms the base of sending blank messages?

Honestly speaking, you cannot send a blank message on whatsapp with a blank space! (Try it if you want..)

But, here’s the kicker:

The base logic of the formation of a blank message is, type something which whatsapp cannot understand! And Whatsapp, being an application which works on your phone, is easy to deal with; whereas sending blank messages on Facebook is little more difficult.

Would you like to send a blank message to anyone?

There can be many reasons for a person wanting to or not to send a blank message to another person. We’re running a survey which would let us know how many % of people prefer to send blank messages to others.

Vote your opinion:

So that, if you’re willing to send someone a blank message on Whatsapp, let’s move onto the 3 Amazing, Easy & Quick ways to Send Blank Messages on Whatsapp.

#1 – Using Android App Noword

Noword is an Android App that allows you to send empty or blank messages on ANY messaging app.

So, with Noword, you can send blank messages easily with just a single tap on your phone. This is because Noword already contains an option to Send Blank Message on Whatsapp just clicking on that will do your work.

Watch the video demonstration below showing you how to send empty message on whatsapp using Noword:

Steps To Send Blank Message On Whatsapp Using Noword App:

  1. Download and Install Noword App from below.
  2. Open Noword App.
  3. Tap on “Send” and on the following screen, you will get option to choose from messengers.
  4. Select “Whatsapp” and choose the person or group with whom you want to share blank message with.

Download Noword – Blank Message App

#2 – Using An Undetectable Arabic Letter

Remember, I told you above about tricking whatsapp by writing in language that it doesn’t knows? Now its time to get into action with that.

There is an ARABIC letter which is not identified by whatsapp !

And hence it shows blank message since it does not know what that letter is.

And that’s the KEY to sending blank messages manually on Whatsapp !

A little weird, right?

The Unicode for the letter is 0xFDFF. You can know more about its unicode structure here.

Download Arabic Letter File

#3 – Duplicating Empty Message

If you’re a Windows (Operating System) fanatic, then you probably know this !

In this tweak, what we are going to do is, use a similar functionality like how it’s used in the above method twisting it with a Windows OS tweak.

You will need a Windows PC in order to carry out this method.

Steps To Create Blank Message on WhatsApp Using PC:

  1. Open Notepad, press “Alt + 255” or “Alt + 0160” keys. (This will create a blank space in the Notepad).
  2. Now, save that file and copy it in your Android Phone.
  3. Open that file on your phone, copy that blank space, paste it on a whatsapp message bar and SEND.

In this way, you’ll be able to create and send blank message in whatsapp chat without having the need to download any other softwares or apps.

Which method would you prefer for sending blank messages on Whatsapp? Let us know in the comments below.