3 Ways to Set Full Size Whatsapp Profile Pictures Without Cropping

3 Ways to Set Full Size Whatsapp Profile Pictures Without Cropping
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Ever took a great photo of yourself and later found out that you need a perfect square pixelated size to set as your Profile Picture in Whatsapp?

Don’t want to crop out something great from your profile picture?

No worries, with the unending quest of developers to ease your life, a bunch of them have developed some of the most amazing apps with which, your worry of cropping your perfect pic would never reach you again.

Here are the 3 such amazing apps which would help you set full size whatsapp profile pictures without cropping easily and very quickly.

3 Apps to Set Whatsapp Profile Pictures without Cropping:

#1 – No Crop for Whatsapp

No Crop for Whatsapp is a simple and lightweight app made to solve your problem of cropping pictures. This app uses your unsquared photo’s borders itself to make an additional padding of blurred background, i.e. you won’t have any plain, dumb looking, block coloured backgrounds anymore.

If you have a rectangle family photo and want to set it as profile picture, when opened in this app, will automatically add a special blurred background made out of parts of that same photo. Here’s an example:

How to Set Full Size Whatsapp Profile Pictures Without Cropping
Image Source: Google Play Store


  1. Edit & Resize Image
  2. Rotate
  3. Add text to Image
  4. Apply Filters and Beautify Image

With this, you can easily take snapshots of whichever size and shape you like and hopefully can set it as your DP in Whatsapp. Not only it works flawlessly with/for Whatsapp, but also works for Facebook and Instagram as well!

Here’s a nice video tutorial to use “No Crop for Whatsapp” to easily set Whatsapp Profile Pictures without cropping images:

Download No Crop for WhatsApp

#2 – #SquareDroid

#SquareDroid is another simple no crop tool which works for both, Whatsapp and Instagram with which you don’t need to forcefully crop your pretty images.

One of the best features of this app is, it let’s you share uncropped photos in high resolution; i.e. your photo’s quality won’t decrease when you use this app to resize them.

The app automatically analyzes your photo and finds complimentary colours for borders and backgrounds. You also have the option to turn of background and simply use white colour.

The free version of this comes with Advertisements while you can turn them off by purchasing the PRO version of this app and support developers.


  1. You can pick photo from Gallery, Google Drive, Dropbox and almost any other app.
  2. You can share picture from any app directly to #SquareDroid.
  3. Different background options: solid color, gradient and blur.
  4. Tune borders size and color, choose from four unique complimentary color or set up your own color.
  5. Save image as either in JPG or in PNG format.
  6. Ability to choose colors with Holo Color Picker

Download #SquareDroid

#3 – WhatsCrop

This app is not as efficient in creating spectacular uncropped Whatsapp profile pictures for you, but still, is a good choice who wants the very basic functionality of setting whatsapp profile pictures without cropping.


  1. Automatic resizing.
  2. Manual adjustment in size and rotation.
  3. Control of image rotation.
  4. Select background color of the image.
  5. Selection of wallpaper background of the image.

This app is well known for providing 15+ background images and 35+ photo frames. With this amount of cliparts available to you, you can assure yourself of getting a great profile picture for whatsapp.

But still, those background colours and frames may sometimes look awkward making it feel too unprofessional. You can still try and test it to suit your needs.

Download WhatsCrop

Your Take

Setting a non-square photo as profile picture on Whatsapp becomes super easy with these 3 Amazing apps. Also, editing, rotating and filtering options make it feel better.

Which app have you tried to set Whatsapp profile pictures without cropping?