How To Set-Up Yahoo! Mail In A Few Simple Steps

April 2, 2016

Step by step guide to help you configure your Yahoo! Emails to come to Outlook or Gmail

Wait, are people still actually signing up to Yahoo! Mail?

Yes, Yahoo! Mail is still a thing. Remember Geocities? A website server from the 90s offering people free web hosting with a whopping 25MB? Yahoo! acquired Geocities in 1999, and at one point it was the third-most visited site on the internet.

Maybe you haven’t heard much about the company lately, except that new CEO Melissa Mayers has been acquiring start-ups like nobody’s business. In the last five years Yahoo! has acquired Flickr and Tumblr, two massively popular sites, and in 2015, itself was the fourth-most-visited website in the world, after YouTube, Facebook and Google.

Why Set Up Yahoo! Mail?

Users of Yahoo! Mail claim that the site has better spam prevention than Gmail, and a Yahoo! Mail account is necessary to join Flickr or Tumblr as well as a plethora of Yahoo! services.

If you’re not keen to relinquish your primary account – and worry about ending up with multiple accounts with different names and passwords and sign-in pages – it’s super easy to link your Yahoo! account up to Gmail or Outlook et al, allowing you to check all your mail in one place. But if, like me, you need a Yahoo! account for a few key things, here’s how to set up Yahoo! Mail in a few simple steps:

Create your Yahoo! Mail address

Visit the Yahoo! email overview page. You can’t miss the big purple box in the middle prompting you to choose a username. The next page will prompt you to add:

  • Your first and last name

  • Your password

  • A valid phone number

  • Your birth date

  • Your binary gender of choice – forget about choosing not to answer this or writing transgender or ‘other’ – apparently your user data is too valuable to pass up and too hard to sell if you don’t tick their box.

Once you’ve entered all your data, you can progress to the next page, complete the most seasick-inducing verification code request, and then wait for Yahoo! to send a message to your phone with another verification code.

The next page will show a ‘Get Started’ message. Make sure to un-check the checked box of tiny print underneath allowing Yahoo! to unabashedly send you marketing material.

At this point, you have a few options:

Yahoo! Mail setup: Do you want to import contacts?

The next page of setup will prompt you to import your contacts from Google, Facebook, Outlook or from an existing Yahoo! account.

You may want to skip this step if:

  • You plan to only use Yahoo! For its Flickr and Tumblr sign-in powers

  • You plan to register your new Yahoo! Address in Outlook.

Syncing outlook contacts to Yahoo! And then opening up Outlook with that same account might result in duplicate contacts, some of which don’t update if it is a static one-time import rather than a true sync.

Now you can setup your Yahoo! Address to forward all emails to Outlook or Gmail. You could do this with dozens of email service providers, but in this article we’ll just be covering those two.

Setup Yahoo! Mail to use with Microsoft Outlook on a MAC

  • If you have a MAC, click on the Outlook desktop icon, or navigate to Finder > Applications > Microsoft Office 20xx > Outlook.

  • At the top-left of the top menu bar, click Outlook > Preferences… > Accounts

  • Click on the Email Account button (subtitled POP or IMAP)

  • Enter your details

And you’re done. Now you’ve configured your Yahoo! Mail account for Outlook.

Setup Yahoo! Mail to use with Microsoft Outlook on a PC

  • Navigate to Windows > Control Panel > Mail

  • Select to create New Profile and add your name, then hit OK

  • Click on Manual Setup

    Manual Setup

    Manual Setup

  • Select Pop or IMAP and hit Next

    POP or IMAP

    POP or IMAP

  • Type in your full Yahoo! Mail address (i.e. in both the Email Address and User Name fields.

  • Hit the Next button and test the connection

  • Click the Finish button to complete setup

And you’re done. Now you’ve configured your Yahoo! Mail account for Outlook.

Setup Yahoo! Mail to forward to your Gmail inbox

  • Open up your Gmail account in a desktop (not mobile) browser window

  • Click the cog icon near the top right of the page

  • In the pop-menu, select Settings

  • Once in Settings, click on the fourth tab along, Accounts and Import

  • On the second row you’ll find the option import mail and contacts

  • Add in your Yahoo! account details

  • You will then be prompted to sign in to the Yahoo! account, but don’t worry about opening up another browser window to do that in, just hit continue and the page will redirect to Yahoo! sign in

  • Then click Agree, then close the window

  • Select any or all of the three options (import contacts / mail / import new mail for the next 30 days)

  • Hit Start import

  • Hit OK

And you’re done. Now you’ve configured all of your Yahoo! mail to go to Gmail.

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